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#1 Apr 16 2012 at 1:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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Guess what I forgot?

Wel, I forgot the goals thread on Friday, too, but I'm going to blame my upper respiratory infection and severe lack of sleep for that. Well, at least Rhode didn't think I was dead or participating in rampant debauchery this time.

So, how did everybody do on their goals?

I played lots of Star Wars this weekend. Got my assassin tank from 27 to 41. I also snuck in a few hours of WoW when the Star Wars servers were down, but I just levelled a lowbie paladin alt on my old Alliance server. I just don't have the yen for the game I used to.

On the real life side, I did absolutely nothing. The aforementioned upper respiratory infection kicked my *** last week and I slept more Friday and Saturday night than I did every night last week combined.
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That's pretty much the best ninja edit ever.

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#2 Apr 16 2012 at 1:27 PM Rating: Excellent
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Raid tonight in DS - starting from boat tonight - will be doing it without a DK most likely since some drama last week ended up with the DK getting kicked from guild and a Warrior tank taking over his role. I guess I will have to put the frost shock back on my bar unless the Rogue can keep the sappers under control by himself.

We managed to down boat after a bit of relearning how to do it without a DK. We worked on Spine and made progress. We went back in on Sunday night (not a normal raid night) and got Spine down finally. We are making good progress on Madness so we're going back in tonight if enough people show.

Saturday - ICC in the evening, I think - I lose track sometimes but pretty sure we haven't switched to something else yet. I will be trying to finish off the Noblegarden meta on my two highest Alliance alts which should be doable.

We cleared ICC and got achievements for a lot of people. We even managed to do Dreamwalker Portal Jockey with only 16 people (8 portals have to be jumped into every time). I finished off the Noblegarden stuff I planned on on Friday (I was off because of dr appts) but I went over to get some more chocolates on an alt to get another bunny (hated to waste 45 chocolates) and it was so empty in Falconwing on Saturday morning that I brought my other Shaman over and got her 500 for a mount.

I'd like to farm some more gear and stuff though I'm a bit tired of Scholo (but worried that a lot of things will no longer be available so focusing more on that place). I also want to spend some more time on the Beta (assuming it's up and playable LoL).

I did a couple of Scholo runs and picked up a few more items.

It's about time to turn my lowbie Warrior's experience back on for a few levels because he's soon going to run out of quests he can pick up at 44. I'm thinking 48 should cover most of the quests in the zones he can do right now (according to Wowhead). It was fun doing all of Badlands locked at 44. I really like doing quests when they feel like a bit of a challenge.

I worked through most of Tanaris and got him to level 47 and stopped it there for now.

Real life - go out and visit with family.

Family visit went fine as usual. :)
I will have to keep my phone nearby because I'm supposed to get a call to set up an appt for next week for a biopsy - bleh.
I'm also having to start really looking at what I'm eating because they want me to get my blood pressure down and I really don't want to do it through medication if it can be helped so I am starting to watch my sodium intake mainly though losing some weight should also help a lot.

Got the appt for the 24th - bleh.
The sodium stuff is going pretty well though after looking through various fast food place nutrition info on the internet, I find that there is very little I can eat. A lot of places offer low calorie items but low sodium concerns seem pretty ignored everywhere. I will have to make up a list of just what to order where to minimize issues. :/
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#3 Apr 16 2012 at 4:42 PM Rating: Excellent
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Well, at least Rhode didn't think I was dead or participating in rampant debauchery this time.

Smiley: sly No, no ... of course not. Glad to see you're not dead! Work on the rampant debauchery though, I'm an old man and I expect you to keep up. (And get well. Morghast, you too!)

WOW: I'm not planning on getting much game time in but I will probably do dailies and collect a couple of Spring Rabbits for alts.

Bun-Bun showed up, greeted me, and proceeded to sleep as if dead for several hours, which I spent grinding Spring Rabbits and such. Later, the buddy that talked me into switching to the Guangdong server announced that the guild has raid progress down to the point that they are going to try to drag me along. As a Druid. And they want me to play Balance. I are not a caster and haven't played that toon for months. the remainder of the weekend was spent trying to get a freshly dinged Druid at least somewhat raid ready. Not pretty.

RL: Pamper Bun-Bun. She's in rough shape.

That was one sick Bunny. It sounds like what she and BDJ had were along the same lines, although at least he didn't have to contend with Beijing's lousy air quality. After sleep and decent meals, she got better.

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#4 Apr 17 2012 at 1:09 PM Rating: Excellent
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Nothing went as planned. Didn't plan to run any dungeons, instead meant to buff my gold account and then switch profession from skinning to jewel crafting. That much happened. Then I fell in with some guildies (mostly guild sisters - I'm finding that the most dangerous elements of my new guild are decidedly female in both toon and person) and went on to run my first two raids. First Molten Core, with three of us (L85 Hunter, L85 Priest, L68 Rogue) - get the picture? NO tanks! Even with my armor, an 85 Hunter and his kitten are NOT tanks, though that's how it seemed to shake out. Kiting bosses works - but its a lot of work. To prove my gullibility, I let them talk me into Dragon Soul with no melee DPS. All 85s, but four of the ten in their first ever raid. The results were horribly predictable, though I did get a very nice gun out of the weekend.

So now back to the unglamorous grind of learning jewel crafting. At least I've learned that unlike some professions, even the early products are saleable. Hint for enchanters. Don't buy low level mats - buy cheap rings, amulets and trinkets at at AH and disenchant them.
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