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My First Solo PvP Kill... kindaFollow

#1 Apr 15 2012 at 6:13 PM Rating: Good
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So I'm an avid PvE-er, who only dabbles in the occasional PvP (mainly for Holiday achievements, though with MoP I may attempt to purchase the honor mounts because I'm also a mount collector).

Last night, I logged on with my 50-something warrior to do Thunder Bluff's cooking and fishing dailies as I normally do. The fishing quest turned out to be Pond Predators, which has you fish up 6 snakeheads from that little pond near the blacksmithing trainer in TB.

Right after I start, some Night Elf hunter, I don't even remember his name (oh, I wish I had screen capped it) swoops in, and lands in the middle of the pool I was fishing in, and kept swimming around my bobber making rude gestures at me. I /yawned in return and kept fishing, being careful what I click. He gets bored after a few moments and starts attacking nearby NPCs. Cue the eyerolling.

So I start getting afraid that he's going to knock off the daily quest NPCs, I log that character out, and log an 85 character on. The only two characters at 85 I had down there were my level 85 hunter who's purely a craft character and some 'meh' geared Paladin. I figured my hunter stood the most chance in actually being able to fight this guy.

The enemy hunter had 162k health, I figured he had some really good gear. But while he was blindly attacking NPCs while swimming in the pool, he had attracted the attention of 2-3 guards and somehow his pet got killed and the guards were chasing him about the area. My own hunter was wearing crafted PvP, 333 gun, 333 staff from TH, and his rings/amulets and one trinket were crap from Hyjal quests, the other trinket the jewelcrafting quested 346 trinket, no gems or enchants.

My plan was to use the buildings to LoS him and let my pet (the ghost bear from Grizzly Hills) harass him. Between my pet and the guards, there was no way he'd be able to disengage, wing clip, or freeze trap em all. He was standing near the edge of the cliff.

I ran over until he was in range and I was standing near the Jewelcrafter's hut, and shot a Serpent Sting, and Arcane Shot and then ducked behind the building while mashing my Kill Command key.

Then, suddenly...

"An Honorable Kill"

Comes up on the screen and it also says I earned 6 Honor Points. Last time I glanced at his HP meter, he had like 94k left. I'm like "huh...?" Those guards and certainly not my pet, aren't going to do 94k damage within 3-4 seconds. Just... no.

So I go over to where I last saw him... no body.

So I figure, what must have happened was he either disengaged himself right off the cliff (LOL!!) or either the guards, or my pet has a knockback. As far as I know, that ghost bear from Grizzly Hills (I haven't been using him that long) doesn't have a knockback, but that'd be hilarious if that's what happened.

Either way, since I didn't see the body (and wasn't really interested in searching for it), I can only assume he died by falling off the cliff.

I logged off, and logged my warrior back on, finished his quests, and also did the quests on my goblin mage too. He never did come back that I saw.

This morning, I checked everywhere, near the buildings, at the bottom of the cliffs, no skeletons or corpses anywhere so I have no idea just what the heck happened or how he died -- I ran in behind the building when he died so I have no idea...

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