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#1 Aug 03 2004 at 7:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Wow been browsing the FFXI section of alla for the last few monthes and I never thought that my first post would be in the the WoW section, but here is goes.

Okay I guess I would say I am one of those FFXI burnout players hoping that CoP will make all difference in the world... FFXI was my first mmorpg and I would say that I haven fallen in love with the genre. I was an avid ff player in the past, but lately this game has just lost my interest. All the reasons have been hashed over a million times over in the forums, but I am really just looking for a fresh start.

Lately I been (in vain) looking for others mmorps to fill the gap yet release dates seem to pretty far away. Fable should kick a** though so I cant wait for that to, in the near future occupy all my time.

Okay onto my question...

I am really intersted in the BETA testing phases that these games seem to undergo. I am unfamiliar with the whole process and am just wondering when the (OPEN?) beta phase will occur. I assume that this means that anyone can test the game and? I think that this is just what I need to get me out of the depression my ensuing departure FFXI will create...

Oh and just my 2(cents)(gil)(gold)(quid)(etc...) on the whole FFXI vs. WOW. vs. EQII debate that seems to haunt these boards every few days, I think that people assume that the whole gaming experience remains to be a universal one. That there is always, or needs to be a "best/better" game. I dissagree. Simply put, the "Different strokes for different folkes" argument sums it up for me. "To each his own" -maybe you like that one better?

I think that Both SoE, SE and Blizzard are all doing great jobs of creating excellent games. Q4 of this 04' is one of the most exciting times for both platform and pc games I can remember in a long time. I think all these games will be awesome, and each will provide a unique experience that will appeal to a certain corner of the market. Its just a bummer that all of them require so much time and effort that there is little room to play them all simultaneously. I think thats why people get so heated in their debates...No one wants to eat/sleep/and breath a second-best game for a few years. Kinda ruins it...

Argh...tOo off topIc cAN'T gEt baCkk....

Okay gonna go..but yeah I want to beta test WoW. Any chance of this Open-beta or no? What about EQII they still accepting applications???

Thanks all,

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#2 Aug 03 2004 at 11:57 PM Rating: Good
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Hmm... open beta will occur later this year. theyve said theyre going to have one and its usually just a stress test. No huge debugging scheme, just testing server load.

And for eq2, last i heard, which was long ago... theyre accepting people in by friends and family then old eq betaers, then old eq players... after that i dont know. check out the site to know more.
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#3 Aug 04 2004 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
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EQ2 beta is closed. They are testing friends and family. After that they will add special offers from Legends subsribers and Lords of Everquest owners, in that order, and then the rest of the people they pulled randomly from their sign-ups several months ago.

I'm STILL waiting to get my EQ2 beta, over 8 months after I bought that crummy game.
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