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#1 Jun 22 2004 at 8:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Now before I say anything, I first must say that RTS games (Real Time Stragety) are not my thing. Played Command and Conquer and hated it. Played Starcraft for the Nintendo 64 and enjoyed it but lacked any multiplayer. It had one but whats the fun of split screen RTS battles? Now, I'm completely new to the entire Warcraft thing so I decided to pick up the Warcraft 3 Battlechest (includes the original game and The Frozen Throne Expansion pack for a low price of 40 bucks) for my PC. I installed the game and decided to give it a try. Never before have 8 hours just fly by like it did and believe it or not, I didn't care. The game oozes with quality and this is the very first Blizzard game I have ever played (besides Starcraft but I bet the N64 version is nothing more then a pale mirror image compared to the PC version). The story is better then anything I could imagine (I grew tired of the well groomed teens ******** for 40 hours in japanese rpgs long ago) and the gameplay was just as entertaining. I love how RPG elements and RTS elements are so tied together and executed with such balance in this game. Truely a epic game on all fields.
This leads me to multiplayer. I love it but there is a major problem: I SUCK! Everytime I enter Battlenet, I do expect to get my *** whopped 95% of the time but then again I started a week ago. Still fun and I love how all the races focuses on different elements of the battlefield.

Now on to the real purpose of this post.

I was thinking that this thread can be used as a discussion of strageties and even as a central point to meet up so we can set schedules on battles, clan forming and such for Warcraft 3. I figure it can be a great way to form some friendships and help burn the time that is required in order to stand WoW unknown release date. Also, it would provide a great chance to make such friendships and carry them over to WoW. Just my thoughts. Figured it would be nice to get to know each other before hand and make this community into something nice and tight.

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For what it's worth, I played Warcraft 1 and 2 back in the day, and there's a LOT of game lore in WoW from WC3 that I don't recognize at all. I did even play through part of WC3 to the point that I know who Arthas is, etc., but there's a lot I still don't know. If you do not have experience with Warcraft 3, are intending to play WoW, do not have anything better to do, and are not adverse to the idea, learning about the universe through WC3 would not be a poor use of your time. (No moreso than any other video game, anyway.)
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