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#1 Jun 13 2004 at 12:46 PM Rating: Decent
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I've been hearing on the boards that there are numorous capped lvl players(capped at the time that is)and so forth that resort to crafting and stuff. Is it seriously that easy to lvl? or are these the people who play more than they work at a job and work past the rest state? thats another thing that scares me is that there is no slow leveling points to make hitting that final goal so sweet, meaning that i will meet a lvl 40 with the best gear and still not know how to work with others...

PS: sorry im a sceptic, hense so many posts on how well stuff works in game, if im going to make a commitment, i want it to be the best game for my appetite.
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#2 Jun 13 2004 at 1:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Actually, no, they might not be playing day in and day out, and it really isnt all that easy to level. It just depends on what you do. If you do in fact get every single quest possible to you, the exp will roll in (but not skill points, main reason i havnt quested in a week). I am almost level 26 (like, 2 or three mobs away) and it took 3 hours for me to get the exp to be there. i was only about 10k exp into the level, it takes a lil over 60k to level. The only reason they reached the cap is because this push has been out for a few months. I do not know much about any of the pushes before the one were in now (Even though another one is schedualed early this week, hopefully monday) and that will raise the lvl cap a bit and give people something to do for a while. specially me who needs to catch up to everyone else.

btw, i love your sig.
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#3 Jun 13 2004 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks thats what i wanted to know. Thats my main fear about games that are for "casual gamers" is that since solo is acceptable the power levelers reach the cap with ease and there is nothing else to do.

BTW: the sigs the truth ^^
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#4 Jun 14 2004 at 10:09 AM Rating: Good
I hear what you're saying, but I also have to cheer the casual gaming aspect :)

I am one of those casual gamers. It's one of the reasons I quit FFXI. I don't have the time to invest 25+ hours per week trying to get my character to a decent level so I don't lose interest in the game. If I'm lucky, I get to play 10 hours a week. I just have other things that take up time in my life. But that doesn't mean I don't want to play the game.

If WoW can be geared both towards the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer, that's great. I'd like to be able to play and level a character properly. If I can do one or two levels a week, that would be fantastic. The hardcore gamers who can max out a character in 2 weeks can probably go back and build another character to play with. And new content will be added as the weeks roll by.

Hopefully it's a game that will appeal to both genres of gamers.
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#5 Jun 14 2004 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
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That's basically how it works, Cloak. It truly is a magnificent game.
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#6 Jun 14 2004 at 11:50 AM Rating: Good
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I actually thought leveling was fairly easy. I was level 15 after my third day playing. I played very hardcore for about a week when I got to about level 25, about 10 days later, and plowed through to about level 35 in that time. The levels after that point seemed to take longer, but I was also doing long involved quests that meant I was getting almost exclusively mob exp those days. I got to level 39 in about a month. I think I had about 7 days played. So I guess that was an average of about a level every 4-5 hours. Considering I spent a decent amount of time (I thought) doing silly stuff, tradeskills, and helping others with their quests, I'd say that's pretty decent.

That was with my first character. One day a week or two ago I decided to see just how quickly I could level a character. I made it to level 10 in under 3 hours, under the same race/class combo as my main, a Night Elf priest. I forget if I went back for a second play session, but I really should keep playing that character to see how breakneck a pace I set the second time. (Not with a new patch finally almost here though!)
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#7 Jun 14 2004 at 2:28 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah cloak i hear what your saying. I dont mind the ability to solo every now and then when i only have an hour or two to invest and dont want to get involved with looking for hardcore parties, but i also want what most MMORPG's do in which the first 40 lvls are that which go by quickly and only get slightly harder each level, but then after a cornerstone level things take even longer to do. I mean in all MMO's you hear of people getting to 30-40 in a matter of a week or less(power gamers most of the time) but the **** begins around lvl 40-50. If they didnt do this a lot of the times people who solo the entire way would still be in noob mode and when the time comes for a group or raid is completely confused(If you've played EQ or FFXI you know of the tanks who can't hold hate, the clerics/whms who dont know how to heal or heal the wrong thing or at the wrong time, and the pullers who bring back the entire zone.). There needs to be at least some point in the game in which groups are required(no i dont mean for a quest item or something, but for exp) because i know for myself at least, i play an MMORPG for the MMO part of it, ****, there are much better RPGs in which you can solo to your hearts content. Now im not saying to make things nearly as hard as soloing is in FFXI in which you get 10 xp for a mob that cons easy.......easily capable of beating your @%#, but more of that in EQ in which some classes do it better, faster, more efficient, but all classes can do it to some extent where they can pass the time to get a group(take for instance on my monk around lvl 40 i would just head out to the dreadlands and just solo, bind, mend, rinse repeat untill i found a party seeking.).

now after saying that i wouldnt mind being able to solo the entire time, but at least give me content that lets me raid with players in the good looking guild system.

PS:I haven't gotten any sleep so if i rambled, or am incoherent i blame the sleep!
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