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Number of Combines for skill upFollow

#1 Oct 02 2004 at 4:54 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey all,

I was wondering what should be a tyypical number of combines needed for a skill up (average).

I'm at 198 skill (Brewing) and making Min Hero Brew's (triv 248)

I did 400 combines and had a single skill up (1) from 197 to 198. What gives? is this normal? bad luck?

Int of 219 no other bonuses to my skill.

Is there a cap on the amount you can raise in a single day? I went from 1-198 in the same day. About 5 hours of crafting.
#2 Oct 02 2004 at 5:19 AM Rating: Good
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You will want to check out EQ traders corner for more info - like the calculator.

Basically though -

-> when you succeed, you have a greater chance of getting a skill up then when you fail (this was per a Dev during the Las Vegas Fan Faire)
-> As the item gets harder to make, your chances of getting a skill up are much slimer (you will want to use the calculator for this - but for example - going from level 0 - 21, you have like a 80% chance of skill up. Going from 199 - 220, you only have a 5% chance of skill up on a success, but only a 2.5% chance on failure.)
-> The closer your skill to the items trival, the more likely you will succeed (this is a DUH moment, but when you figure in that you have a better chance of getting skill ups when you succeed rather then when you fail - it becomes obvious your not better off to do harder combines)
-> With items - your highest skill can ever be is 252.

Just yesterday I reached GM Brewing with my Shaman - it took over 900 combines of Minotuar's Hero's brew to get from brewing 193 to brewing 248. This was with me having 233 Wis and a Geerlok Brewing Device (which is +5% to skill). It took 80 combines to get from 248 to 249 off Kaladim Constitutionals, then another 55 combines to get from 249 - 250 of Sec Champagne

Just to see your results, I put your info into the Calculator and got that you have a 63.5 % chance of success, with a 5% chance of skill up on a success and a 2.55% chance of skill up on a failure.

you may want to invest in a geerlok for brewing - the 5% will add 10% to your chance of success - meaning you'll more often hit that 5% chance. Doing the math - increasing your INT further won't really help your chance of skill up on successes (at that point in the skill - your capped at 5%)

So I would suggest buying a geerlok - which will help you succeed a bit more - and hope for the best

It is very mind numbing I know.
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#3 Oct 02 2004 at 7:10 AM Rating: Default
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As you go up in skill the sucesses become more frequent and the skill ups less often.

Brewing at least is cheap. My chanter <now GM jeweler> was having the same skill up ratio as Devilwind only at 150pp per combine.

Luckily a sucess sold back for 148pp, but on average 1 failure per stack and between 4-8 stacks per skill up <Int 255> it still put a strain on the pocket.

I also agree with making sure you have the geerlok it will save you both time and money.
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#4 Oct 02 2004 at 6:35 PM Rating: Good
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My most expensive alchemy "point" had been 1K. I spent that on a lot of them. Then I hit 180 and it got a lot worse.

IMO dex is critical. It doesn't hurt so try it.
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#5 Oct 02 2004 at 6:45 PM Rating: Decent
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Dex only affects fletching skill ups.

ZoroZoroZ, your numbers don't seem too far off the norm. You might try increasing your int though for better luck with skill ups.
#6 Oct 04 2004 at 7:09 PM Rating: Good
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So, people already stated most of the stuff so I will only add a few things to it. First of all, get your main stats up as high as you can, ie Wis or Int. If you are a caster, this is the primary focus specially for brewing. Having high wisdom, in 300-325 range for most of my combines, I noticed a much higher skill up rates than at 255-300 range. So get those stats up.

Another thing to mention is that the old theory of "****" level holds true. Apparently, the skill up formula uses a different route from about 180 range. It checks two numbers and looks at the differences for the success rate. At 180, the differences are very small but as you go up higher in skills, the differences become larger. So, it gets easier to skill up after 180 or so. I have formulated this from reading many threads and talking to developers at fan faires. So, the "****" level does exist and with a low wisdom, do expect many combines for higher success.

Just as an example, with my Cleric, I had about 320 Wis range when I was working on tailoring and smithing, my last two GMs. I was averaging about 18 combines per skill up after about 220. On my Gnome Necro, with 255 Int, I am averaging 25 combines per skill up going from 220 to 230 where he is now. So, don't give up hope, just get your Wis or Int up as high as you can and keep at it.

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