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Ideas for Eq2 Night of the Dead! Guides are you listening???Follow

#1 Oct 08 2011 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Comport here, Again!

Here are some ideas i thought of for NOTD

First you will get a level 80-90 World Event, plubic Quest! "Kelethin Raises Danger"

- In kelethin, There should be Grave's By the Memorial and suddenly, Something pops on your screen that says " The Kelethin Bodys Will Raise Again" and if you look up a Cloud with a guy on it will be in the air. When you go there 5 zomebies will summon every Round, on Set 2. 3 Heriocs will summon and 5 regular, every round. Then 10 HERIOCS every round. It gets higher every zone "Ex, 80, 81 ,82, 85, 86, 89,90"... Then " An Angry Mistress' Will summon Lvl 85 Epic X3" Once killed . Then Qua'le Freeborn. The killer of the Siege of Kelethin will come down. Lvl 95 X2. At the end you get

3 Plat, An Crimson Chest with

The Hangless Head Charm, Cast Raise and Sage! Spawns 2 Pets level 95 to aid caster, Heals caster for 1,000 every minute!

The Trick-Or-Treaters Basket- Comes with 20 Candy corn. 5 Diff, Costumes. 1 Potion which will disguise your pet! or 5 Freeborn Tricks which will trick the targets "Players will get tricked, Fear, Shrink or Costume"

The Cloud of Freeborn- 130 Speed, Cloud with Skulls in it. Reduce fall speed by 50%! Has ability if above 85. "Flight of the Cloud" Which adds on Flight and 300% Flight Speed! must be on Cloud of FB!

- Level 50 -70 Public Quest " Gnomes Sight the Dead"

A Scary Ghost will spawn and Cast "Second Sight"-- Caster cant see The Scary Ghost unless has Scary Sight on!

The ghost summons 5 Angry Spirits Level 54 >>>! Raises level every round "Ex, 54,55,56,57,58"

The Ghost Summons 3 Angry spirits and 2 Agressive Spirits! "Raises every level" Angry Spirits Ex " 56-57-58-59-60"
Agressive Spirits "60, 61,62,63,64"

The ghost spawns The Butler with 3 Maids, Maid 67 >>> the butler 70 Epic X1

the Ghose Spawns 5 Angry Ghost "60,61,62,63,64,65" and 5 Agressive Spirits " 70 ,71 ,73, 75, >>"

The Scary Sight wares off, Message informs you, and The Scary Ghost forms but with a Diffrent name "Flary, The Gnome Nog'in" <The Scary Ghost> Level 68 Epic X3

You Get! 1 Plat!

A Monocle of Second Sight "Applies Second Sight" "You are drunk" Level 70

A Stash of Greed - 10 pumpkins , 5 Candy Corns, 2 Spiders!

A Gnomey Pad, A Spider web'd pad with Glide! 130% Speed 160% Gide Speed!
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Neat ideas! This NotD seems to be in the bag already (they do they, way far in advance) but you should use /feedback to send your ideas to the devs.
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