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#1 Apr 06 2011 at 11:41 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm looking for a breakdown of which classes are viable for my tastes. With there being like 20 some classes, its a bit confusing. So, I will list my desires for a class:

  • Must be ranged; this one I probably won't bend on, because I just don't like chasing things or having to position myself just right, or being face critted just because of my position.
  • It can be DPS, Healer, or Utility; this doesn't really matter
  • If it is DPS, I want to hit things like an 18-wheeler on fire, hauling a meteor and a load of firewood; I want extreme DPS. If I'm going DPS, I want to see things scream in agony when I glance in their general direction.
  • I don't want any type of hybrid melee/ranged.
  • I don't care whether I have a pet or not, unless the pet is just going to fall over like a blade of grass in a raid/dungeon; in which case, if the pet actually contributes something important, I don't want to play that class... I don't like recasting pets because they got glanced at.
  • If the class is Utility, I want the utility provided to be unique and really good; I don't care for classes that have their buffs/utility replaced by 15 other classes at ease.
  • I don't care whether they're good or evil.
  • I don't want to ever be put into some position where I'm a DPS, but being told that I have to heal.
  • I am not interested in PvP.

In addition, there's always those classes that have negative energy directed toward them by others in an MMO, for whatever reason. I'd like to know which ones are 'shunned' and which ones are particularly 'wanted', in relation to the above criteria.

Any explanation of the raid roles of suggested classes would be very much appreciated and extremely helpful in my ultimate decision as to what to play.

Thank you greatly for any help on this matter.


I've came up with the following possibilities based on the non-melee criteria:

Troubador (Ranged attacker? Group buffer/Mob debuffer)
Ranger (Is this hybrid ranged/melee? Primarily ranged? How's the dps compare? Heavily Bow dependent for dps?)
Fury (Removed: Hybrid heal/dps, probably not good dps)
Warden (Healer w/Cure? Primary or Secondary?)
Templar (No idea...Hybrid healer/dps?)
Inquisitor (Removed: Hybrid heal/dps, probably not good dps)
Mystic (Strange class, possibly appealing.. primary healing/warding?)
Defiler (Strange class, possibly appealing.. more beneficial than Mystic?)
Wizard (Single-target glass cannon? How's the dps compare?)
Warlock (AoE glass cannon? Trash killer?)
Conjuror (Uses caster pet in raids? DDs/DoTs? How's the dps compare?)
Necromancer (Uses caster pet in raids? Debuffs/DoTs/DDs? How's the dps compare?)
Illusionist (Crowd control and power tap/sharing?)
Coercer (Crowd control (more dangerous?) and power tap/sharing?)

This is based on my limited understanding, so please correct me if one of these are indeed melee or if I have missed a ranged character. Now the list needs to be further shortened.

Please verify or debunk any of my assumptions/understandings listed beside the classes.

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#2 Apr 06 2011 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Wizard might be a solid choice if I wanted heavy dps?
Defiler if I wanted to be a good healer?
#3 Apr 06 2011 at 9:33 PM Rating: Excellent
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Codeseer wrote:
Wizard might be a solid choice if I wanted heavy dps?
Defiler if I wanted to be a good healer?

Wizard is good for single target dps, or Warlock if you want more aoe dps. I've never tried Defiler so I can't comment there, but I enjoy my Fury for healing and dps more then my Inquisitor now.

Hopefully someone more experienced with ranged combat people can comment, I'm more of a "in your face" player. :)
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#4 Apr 07 2011 at 5:42 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm more of an 'in your face' player too - my mains being zerker & SK. I do have a defiler though, and these tend to be more ward-based i.e. casting wards to prevent damage, rather than healing damaged players. Although the defiler does have some direct heals, the main ******* are wards and de-buffs.

Edit: Shame you don't like mixed melee/ranged, as both zerker & SK can do decent DPS armed with a decent bow.

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