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Warden Dual Boxing and RAF QuestionFollow

#1 May 09 2010 at 7:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Question 1:
I just came back to EQ2, and I'm leveling a Warden. I'm going to create another account and dual box. I have two monitors set up, so I'm not going to use any programs like Keyclone. What class would be best to dual box with a Warden? I was thinking a monk or berserk er, but I wasn't too sure. I only want to play on the good side because my warden is going to be a halfling.

Also, are the LoN booster packs really worth that much? I see them for around 100pp on AB.

Question 2:
What are the proper "steps" for RAF. I am referring myself because I plan to dual box. I sent an invite to my second email address, created another station account through the invite. I now have my main account and the trial account. Do I only receive the exp bonus once my second account subscribes. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I saw someone mention on the forums that if I don't follow the "proper steps" for RAF I can miss out on some of the bonuses.
I was reading the RAF FAQ on the official forums, and I came across this:

Upon successful conversion to paying subscription of every Prospect thereafter, up to a total of 25:

* 1-month of free gameplay added to the end of the Recruiter's subscription
* One of two mounts
* Saryrn Deathcharger or Armored Pinto
* As long as Recruiter is grouped with a Prospect he or she will receive a 3x XP boost
o This lasts for 90 days after Prospect becomes a Subscriber
* Ability to zone to your Prospect at any time
o This lasts for 90 days after Prospect becomes a Subscriber

Does that mean I won't get the 3x exp bonus for my 2 characters after the first RAF invite?
#2 May 09 2010 at 9:24 PM Rating: Good
I can only help you with question #1 as I have never dual boxed.

Speaking as a high level warden, some of the best duos I have even been in were when I was paired with a monk. Monks put out a good level of DPS while still managing to hold aggro and keep the MOBs off the priest and druids can put out enough damage (between heals) to act as a DPS character as well as a healer. And on the rare occasion when things really go South, the group FD comes in almost as handy as the warden evac! So the pairing seems to work out well for both parties.

Traditionally wardens also work well when paired with zerkers because the nature of our HoT style of healing often ends up causing enough "heal lag" that by the time the first heals have landed and the HoT effects really kick in, the zerker has taken enough damage to trigger his damage output bonuses (caused by, you guessed it, having taken damage!)
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I'm not overly familiar with RAF, but I can answer your LoN booster question!

The reason they go for so much now is because they no longer drop in game, and haven't for about a year. In my opinion, 100p is too much to shell out for them, but I guess given that they're impossible to obtain in game anymore, I can understand why people would try to charge so much.

As a subscriber, once a month you get 5 free locked boosters just for logging into LoN. Locked means that the cards are not tradeable, but this is a good way to try and get loot cards. The date that you get your free boosters on depends on the first day you logged in and received your first 5 free. If you haven't logged in yet for your free boosters do it asap to get that anniversary date set. :)
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#4 May 10 2010 at 11:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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Druids are great partners with almost any class, but yes, monk is a good choice.

Before you get the group FD, be sure to cast the druid feather so your monk can rez your druid.

The more I think about it, the more I'm tempted to dual box my warden and monk. And they're on different accounts already!

Yay, new project!

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#5 May 10 2010 at 2:21 PM Rating: Good
I've done a few RAF for other people, and it sounds like you did it the right way. You will have to pay for one month on the 'trial' account but you really aren't losing any money since you get one month Free on your main's account.

The XP bonus should be instant. To check, hover over your vitality % and it will tell you what bonuses you are receiving. The cloak for the trial account, and the mounts for your main account can sometimes take a few days to get through the system. Mine worked with no problems, but some people have to petition after a few days to get the appropriate items recovered.

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