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chomama wrote:
Hello All,

Hope those in this previous weekends beta activities had a good one. A few questions if you don't mind...

1. I think I have a general idea of how the economy will function at release but, are people selling and buying often currently in beta? Do you still use retainers and wards?

2. I remember seeing a comment on having to solo main story line. Does that mean it prevents you from doing it with friends in a party?

3. The recent article that was posted by USGamer, Yoshi stated you choose b/w three city states. But isn't the city-state you start in determined by which starting DoW class you choose? And is that due to the appropriate guilds in each city?

4. Subsequently, if you level a job to 10 so that you can open another, I am unclear how that effects you stats/skills. For example in XI, if I had level 30 evasion, and I started as a level 1 job, I would still have level 30 evasion and it would be capped. Is it kinda like a hybrid sub-job system?

I think that's it (for now). No codes sent yet but here is hoping. I duly appreciate your feedback. Cheers.

/em resumes ZAM lurking

1. The Market Board (AH equivalent) was pretty barren in beta, but I think that's because it's a beta. I think it will be much more robust when people actually care about what they buy and sell.

2. The quests up until level 15 are solo-based. As soon as you do the 15 storyline quest, it becomes much more party-centric. In fact, to actually progress the main storyline, you have to group with other players to complete the first 3 dungeons, and then group again to beat the first primal, Ifrit.

3. Yes, you choose your starting city based on the class you choose, which is a result of where the guild is. At level 15, you gain an airship pass that let's you travel between all the cities.

4. If you switch to a new class on the character, all of your stats reset to level 1. The skills don't have caps that you have to level up like in FFXI, when you level, your stats just increase based on what class you are. You do however have the ability to equip abilities from other classes once you reach level 10, with a max of 10 abilities at 50 for a class and 5 abilities at 50 for a job.
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