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Stat allocation system

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 7:21 PM Rating: Good
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Archmage Callinon wrote:
BartelX wrote:
So? The exact same thing happens with gear choices. Players find what is absolutely the most ideal on a slot by slot basis, and form cookie cutter builds based on it. The same thing happens with abilities and rotations as well. Once the best is figured out, everyone flocks to it. At least if you give players more choices, they can base their decisions on how they want to play the game, or at least try out different options for different situations (if point resets are allowed). Some players are always going to min/max everything, it's just the nature of mmo's (and any game that relies on stats).

That's true, but I think we can agree that best-in-slot gear existing is not the same thing as this.

Rinsui wrote:
I think we're talking about the quest for the holy grail of MMOs here. Perfect balance between a multitude of
sufficiently unique options, with choices that truly matter but do not lock out anyone permanently due to the
choices he made. Good luck with that one.

How isn't it the same? You are min/maxing stats to get the most out of your particular job. What's the difference if it's stats you allocate versus gear you allocate?

Archmage Callinon wrote:
My point here is that what we're getting isn't even an attempt at it. Even if the merit point suggestion above isn't a solution either, it's at least interesting enough that people would have to think about it for more than 10 seconds to figure out what it means for them.

Listen, I don't disagree with your base idea. The stat point distribution, as it stands now, is way too cookie cutter. Every state available to increase has a direct effect on certain classes only, which pigeonholes much of the playerbase into only leveling that one stat for fear of being gimp otherwise. However, the merit point suggestion, or my suggestion of allowing all the different stats in the game (acc, crit, magic def, etc), both give a much larger spectrum for players to choose from. Sure, there will still be min/max players, as there will regardless of what you do, but there will also be far more players who are willing to experiment and try something new, especially if they allow you to reset your points in some interval.

All I'm looking for is a bit more freedom. I don't need the system to be completely outside the realm of min/maxers, as I really don't see how that's possible. Just give us more options and I'll be happy.

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