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First Impressions

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 1:24 PM Rating: Default
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BartelX wrote:
Ostia wrote:
It's called materia, because of nostalgia, they could have called it **** for that meter, and it would still be a socket/gem system, that from what i can tell, you have no idea where it came from, since socket/gem system was in place in Ultima online... A game that predates FFVII... Hmmm! But i am sure Blizzard based it on VII Smiley: lol Btw the materia system is based on the Esper system of VI..... Smiley: lol

UO was released September 1997 and FFVII was released January 1997, nice try though. Also, the materia system is not derived from the Esper system. The two systems are completely different. Espers, you could equip 1 at a time, they taught you spells permanently, and affected your stat gains at level-up when equipped. Materia, you could equip many of them, you could only use the skills from them when equipped, and the stat gains were a static amount based on the materia level, which you lost if you unequipped them. That's like saying apples are derived from oranges because they are both round and sweet.

Ostia wrote:
Dungeons are part of the story in every single MMORPG, or are you saying they are just instances that have no relation to the world in those games ? I am pretty sure in wow/rift/swotor/gw2 etc etc that there are quest that lead to dungeons, and quest that are entirely based in Dungeons. To say this game integrates it more than in any other game, is silly, and is a straw argument.

You can go 1-50 in swtor, 1-60 in Rift, 1-80 in WoW, 1-80 in GW2 without touching dungeons, and the only negative impact it has on your character is that you don't get to read the 3-4 quests that are done within the dungeons. They aren't part of the main storyline, they are like sidequests at best that you do as an alternate means of experience. Within the first 20 levels of FFXIV, you go through 3 dungeons that are 100% required to advance the main storyline. It's not a straw argument, it's a genuine difference from every other mainstream mmo.

I understand that you don't like certain aspects of the game, there are several that I'd like to see improvements on also. But a lot of what you are arguing is either completely inaccurate (UO coming out before FFVII and materia coming from esper system) or just stretched to your own agenda. It's quite futile to even try and have a conversation with you sometimes...

Edited, Jun 25th 2013 1:53pm by BartelX

Edited, Jun 25th 2013 1:53pm by BartelX

Lmao! Are you seriously fishing that hard BartelX ? Really ? Yes yes i bet the people at Ultima where like.. Oh look at that system in FFVII lets borrow it, 2-3 months before relase, even tho we have no idea wtf it is, or how we can implement it.... Smiley: lol You are Priceless!

Also the Materia system is based on the Esper system in VI just like Limit Breaks where based of desperation moves in VI, Ito has said so himself... You know the guy that created the stuff.... Also your logic is so dumb... Oh espers and materia are not the same... You learn spells on both from items you equip, and you get bonus stats... But in one if you un-equip the item you lose the stats... Oh and you can equip multiple ones in another one.....Therefore not the same... Smiley: lol

What are you gonna say now ? That Limit Breaks where not based of Desperation Moves in VI ? Because in one you can control it and in the other one, you have to have low health to unleash them ? So is like totally different Smiley: lol

Oh and Really ? Really ? Oh yes those dungeons are involved in the story line of those MMO'S and are part of the world, and have quest, and lore and all that, but in here they are forced upon you, therefore FFXIV FIRST MMO TO HAVE STORY DUNGEONS ljdfaslfjlajflajfa jajsf

Please keep posting stuff like this BartelX
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