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Not Worried About TES:O

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
For those not keeping score at home, decoy decided to come troll my video with this idiocy, so excuse me for a second...

Basically, I was trying to get through to him that the company, as a whole, will not produce a viable MMO because of the amount of testing and follow-up required for the game. Keep in mind that Zeni/Bethesda has been making games for quite some time. And pretty much all of them have featured tons of bugs, glitches, and broken content. He, however, posted that they did hire out additional staff from other companies to found ZeniMax Online in order to make the game. So with that backstory:

decoyninja wrote:
You are complaining about the job the development team did on Skyrim coding. You whine about the prospect of them making an MMO. You sound like a moron as a result because those coders who you blame for leaving you an underground hole in the world aren't working on the MMO. You try and cover your mistake by saying the publishers are the same but that isn't working. Sorry.
I never complained about the job they did. I said that the game was, and is, loaded with bugs and really this is a bad idea to make an MMO when your company has not really created a solid game as yet. Sure, they will beta test it, and just like every game that is beta-tested, people will (and already have) leak how the game is shaping up, not to mention that if they do not try to achieve the glitches that most of the rest of the Internet have found in the games they already made, then those glitches will exist, be exploited and provide a horrible experience.

If they had hired an independent developer, as I said in those comments before you ran off, then I'd have more faith in the end result being better. As I also said in the comments, Zeni/Bethesda has a habit of pushing a game out the door long before it should go in order to meet with expected release schedules.

decoyninja wrote:
The developers are different teams, they are going to do things drastically different. It is already a massively different game than anything Bethesda has done with TES. Most purists are either annoyed the game doesn't resemble the TES style enough or just thankful that the game ISN'T being made by Bethesda so they can expect no delays on TES6 as a result. Bethesda doesn't have input beyond a conference call here and there in relation to lore.
That is wholesale ********* It's the same company, it's just a separate group formed within it for organizational purposes. They hired in more developers simply so that they could continue releasing single-player games while they have this other group more dedicated to managing the MMO itself. That's not exactly irregular to do, as they do want to continue to make other products.

However, it is their employees, their group, within their company. It still, however, have the same managers that set the same deadlines and expect the same results within the same timeframe. They will still willingly shove the game out the door based on a release schedule rather than waiting for it to be solid and ready to go because they want returns as soon as possible, with the idea that since this strategy has worked before that it will work again. However, an MMO is not the same as a single-player experience, and really needs a long, thorough beta test, and can require a release to be pushed back.

I don't see Zeni/Bethesda breaking with that simply because someone within their MMO-management group saying they need to. It's just not something the company has done before, and I don't see them doing now. Why change if fans like yourself exist?

decoyninja wrote:
And what I was saying is that the game performs well on good hardware that gets its updates. The 360 isn't good hardware and you probably are missing some patches as a result of simply being on a console. I've never seen holes like you have shown and I play an extremely modded game full of opportunity for data clashing, save corruption and other inconsistencies. I know for a fact you are playing a subpar build in fact because the Xbox doesn't even have all the patches Bethesda has put out in relation to terrain and textures as the console can't handle it. The game was heavily updated post release with PC improvements. This isn't the only PC game to under-perform on xbox360 either. Minecraft let's plays filmed on the 360 are hilarious. That is what your hole in the world reminds me of, minecraft struggling with the gameworld. Maybe next gen consoles will be able to step up.
And yes, the servers are separated.

Then please explain the countless glitches seen on the PC edition that still exist? You did not want to on the comments, so do it here. Why isn't the PC version some glorious, perfect entry? Why are there tons of glitches with it too? Is it because, as you said there, due to "overheating" or "scratched discs?"

And really, resorting to name-calling because your arguments don't stand up to scrutiny just shows how flimsy they are in the first place. This company has a history of poor product support, and they are making a style of game that needs a much higher standard than that. Time will tell if they can get their **** together, but I base my decisions off facts, and the facts are pretty plain. Every single game made by this studio has had glitches of some variety, some crushingly game-breaking. We will see how the game pans out in the end.
Olorinus the Ludicrous wrote:
The idea of old school is way more interesting than the reality
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