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I read this comment regarding FFXIV by someone.

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 11:19 AM Rating: Default
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Louiscool wrote:

As for backlog of "work" I wasnt being literal but lets say I was.. what would you call doing teh same raid a million times to get the uber gear or groping through what it takes to get relic in FFXIV will be? sounds like work/a chore to me. Unless youre saying youre gonna get all the gear you need/want on your first run lol... even with as casual as WoW is it take a tad bit more effort and repetition to get things than that.

Sounds like you don't want an MMO. Seriously, and without insult, you don't want an MMO, and are complaining because this MMO is an MMO.

You should be telling yourself that not I.

Because when I said "backlog of work" YOU said "and THATS the problem with there. Work? that sounds like a CHORE. work/chores in a GAME?!?! that doesnt sound like fun etc etc.

Which to me gives the impression that you wanna have FUN with a game not do work/have chores.. so I pointed out some chores/work that im SURE FFXIV would have.. thus if work/chores are so horrible.... why are yo playing this game?
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