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I read this comment regarding FFXIV by someone.

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DuoMaxwellxx wrote:

I wouldnt take an xbox 360 (or an xbox one) if you GAVE it to me.

Why not? Fanboyism will kill us all.


As for backlog of "work" I wasnt being literal but lets say I was.. what would you call doing teh same raid a million times to get the uber gear or groping through what it takes to get relic in FFXIV will be? sounds like work/a chore to me. Unless youre saying youre gonna get all the gear you need/want on your first run lol... even with as casual as WoW is it take a tad bit more effort and repetition to get things than that.

Sounds like you don't want an MMO. Seriously, and without insult, you don't want an MMO, and are complaining because this MMO is an MMO.

As for "bank account" yeah because getting/managing a second debit card one of which Id only use for two things (ffxi and neon alley) makes loads of sense. you must be one of those ppl that have multiple bank account/credit cards.. so tell me.. how are your bills and debts doing?

Nice dig at me I guess, but I'm not the kind of person who, for some ungodly reason, has an American Express Debit Card. What kind of bank doesn't use Visa? but my bills and debts are great buddy. Here's a tip if you need help managing them; you can usually call your card company and have them switch your due date to ANY day of the month you like. I use the 15th for all of my bills so it's easy to remember. Feel free to use whichever date is easiest for you.

If this is all to much responsibility for you (intentional insult) you can always buy a prepaid Visa card and add time with that. It's so easy my little sister can do it.


As for a backlog of work in FFXIV umm how do you have a "backlog" in a game that will be "just" coming out and thus everyone will be starting from scratch (on a non legacy server).. I mean according to the story the "old" world got destroyed and youre starting over a new in the future.. so even if you start at level 50 a lot of the things that existed in the past wont be there in the future. I mean in order to have a backlog of work that would mean the old story from teh first incarnation would still be there and playable so id have to do ALL that in August.. plus the new one and heck if theyre still treating this as a 3 year old game instead of a NEW game thats been rebuilt/redone then we're long overdue for an expansion pack (how often did FFXI get them?) so we should be seeing one in a few month PLUS that means the game will launch with 3 years of content already available on day one (meaning before I even get CLOSE to doing everything available and getting bored they should have released a LOT more content to keep me busy and from reaching that point). I seriously doubt thats the case, soo no no backlog of work on FFXIV as far as im concerned.

Semantics. Poor, poor semantics. It's a backlog. You are at the beginning of a timeline of work, regardless of what game you play. Again, you don't want an MMO, and of the mmos you don't want, you prefer FFXI. Why is this still a discussion?


oh and another thing.. even though i have a $1200 laptop that Im sure can run FFXI and XIV easily (at that price it better be able too) Im not gonna use it for that purpose but its good to know i at least have the option to if i ever DID want/have too

I don't even know what to say.. you got a gaming laptop but refuse to game on it. You're a special kinda stubborn, ain't you?

Also heres a downside.. playing on a 17in monitor with built in speakers sound WAY better than playing on a 50+ inch tv with surround sound... yup... definitely..

and this is why your computer has an HDMI port. I too get to play on the couch with my flat screen, but with PC graphics.

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