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First Impressions

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 9:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Killua125 wrote:
Kashius1138 wrote:
Are you serious dude? How is materia unique? There is no other game that I've played, seen or read about that allows you to make use of your old gear in a way that FFXIV does. Most games after you're done with a piece of gear you either vendor it because it is soulbound and can't be traded or put it on the AH. This game gives the player more choices with what to do with that used gear than I've ever seen.

There are actually quite a few MMORPGs which let you break down equipment into upgrade materials.

Yeah, it's pretty much exactly like the system in WoW. Essentially, you turn old gear into a crafting material which allows you to enchant the new gear you just got with bonus stats. It may not be exact in name or procedure, but the end result is identical.
Rinsui wrote:
Only hips + boobs all day and hips + boobs all over my icecream

HaibaneRenmei wrote:
30 bucks is almost free

cocodojo wrote:
Its personal preference and all, but yes we need to educate WoW players that this is OUR game, these are Characters and not Toons. Time to beat that into them one at a time.
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