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First Impressions

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 9:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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Materia is basically the GEM system in WOW..... How is it unique ? How is crafting unique ? It's crafting... yeah gathering is unique.... No other game has gathering.... Oh yeah dungeons being part of the story... Did not happen in EQ2 nor in Wow, nor in rift, nor in Gw2 nor in swotor....

Are you serious dude? How is materia unique? There is no other game that I've played, seen or read about that allows you to make use of your old gear in a way that FFXIV does. Most games after you're done with a piece of gear you either vendor it because it is soulbound and can't be traded or put it on the AH. This game gives the player more choices with what to do with that used gear than I've ever seen.

Crafting - Duh. But since you apparently think that it's similar to any other game where you literally select the recipe, click a button and wait for a few seconds, I'll break it down for you - Crafters. Have. Active. Abilities. Whether or not I get an HQ craft is not just a function of luck. I have to assess the stability of my creation and consciously utilize the skills I have to balance between quality, progress and durability.

Gathering, again - Duh. Active abilities man. Right, other games allow you to locate resource nodes. But other games do not allow you to have a way to actively determine: what resource you get from the node, the chance of gathering success and the quality of said resource once gathered. Also, most games require that you can defeat monsters in the area you wish to harvest from. Enter - Stealth. Gatherers are self sustaining.

Your posts are absurd. You're clearly a troll. And your laughing faces don't give your weak counterpoints any credibility or make them anymore valid. It's like someone saying the earth is flat laughing at someone who knows it is not...

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