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Not Worried About TES:O

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 9:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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Pawkeshup, Averter of the Apocalypse wrote:
decoyninja wrote:
Skyrim wasn't a terribly glitchy game. It was a game that had varied performance depending the machine running it sure, you can say it wasn't well optimized for some machines, but it hasn't been an issue for most gamers I feel. Maybe that is my experience as a PC gamer as my hardware is way above that of an Xbox360 and I know the PC version got performance updates very frequently. If I had to guess your machine is just running hot and is struggling with the graphics, but who knows.

First, TES:O is going to be on consoles.


If you mean it's gonna be a console game only then you are mistaken. It is gonna be on windows as well. You can see it even in the wiki link you game "microsoft windows" as well as for apple computers.

However if you didn't mean that then do not take my post under consideration.
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