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First Impressions

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 7:34 AM Rating: Good
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Yotis wrote:
New dude here, although I've been following the game for a while. (Took a look back in 2010, then tried out WoW after the first iteration of FF XIV got so much bad press.)

Regardless, I've really enjoyed reading y'alls impressions and accompanying debate. Both the praise and the worries have gotten me excited for the potential of this game. Which leads me to my question.

The two things that drove me to WoW a few years ago was the community (believe it or not) and the character customization at max level. Now, FF XIV seemingly already has the community aspect in spades (on both sides of the developer line). However, what about character customization at max level? This is something I haven't really seen a lot written on yet. In WoW (for example) there was a lot of customization in talents and spec. What will my make my max level Paladin or Warrior different from all the others? I understand gear and stats make me numerically different, but I'm talking in terms of abilities, etc. I honestly couldn't care less about mounts or cool-looking armor. I'm an ability and numbers junkie who enjoys crunching numbers and trying out different approaches to a boss to see what ability set is going to help me tank better. Keep in mind I'm never going to be a super-hardcore raider or anything.

Or is it too early in the development cycle to wonder about such things?

Anyhow, thanks for the feedback y'all.

At level 50, you will be able to equip 5 cross-class abilities from other calsses you have leveled onto your paladin to make it unique. For instance, you could equip cure, protect, and stoneskin from a conjurer, or foresight, bloodbath, and mercy stroke from a marauder. I'm not exactly sure all of the different cross-class abilities that will be available, but there should be plenty of options for those 5 slots to make you feel unique, and to also swap in and out based on circumstance.

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