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I read this comment regarding FFXIV by someone.

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 6:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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DuoMaxwellxx wrote:

lol even if I wanted to go back to FFXI:

1) My ps2 is out of comission. My PS3 isnt backwards compatible and I refus eto game on PC

Xbox 360


2) FFXI doesnt taske AMEX

Time to get a bank account big boy!


3) I havent played since Halloween 2009 that means Id have 4 yeears of stuff too catch up on.. (like doing the last fight of moogle kupo detat which i never did... starting and finishing teh shanttoto dlc, finishing wotg (which ill admit I DO wanna see how that ends) plus teh new expansion... not to mention ganing 24 more levels on AL of my 30 level 75 jobs and RE pimping them out

Backlog of Work. You just said it right there. You have WORK to do. Sounds like fun! Yay! A chore! In a game? F*ck it, let's do chores!

Regardless, you have a "backlog of work" to do in FFXIV as well. You might as well do it in the environment you find most fun.

I refus eto game on PC

I feel so bad for you. Oh the wonders you could see, the joy you could have.



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