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First Impressions

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 6:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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Ostia wrote:
Materia is basically the GEM system in WOW..... How is it unique ? How is crafting unique ? It's crafting... Smiley: lol yeah gathering is unique.... No other game has gathering.... Smiley: lol Oh yeah dungeons being part of the story... Did not happen in EQ2 nor in Wow, nor in rift, nor in Gw2 nor in swotor.... Smiley: lol

I sometimes do not know how some of you can post stuff like that with a straight face

Can you triple meld gear in WoW? Does the gear you're wearing get spiritbound to you, and then you can convert it into gems? No? That's how it's unique. Oh, and also... the Gem system in WoW is basically based off the materia system in FFVII (XIV's materia system is based off VII's materia system, hence why it's called materia and not gems or sockets Smiley: rolleyes)

How is crafting not unique? Have you ever seen another system like what FFXIV offers? I'm not saying there aren't other games with in-depth crafting systems, but I've never seen one like FFXIV, nor have I seen a gathering system as unique.

When exactly are dungeons part of the storyline in WoW or Rift or GW2 or Swtor? Are you required at any point to do them in order to proceed with the storyline, because I sure as heck don't remember that. I know for a fact it's not the case in swtor, gw2, or rift... and I certainly don't remember it being required in WoW (I stopped at WotLK). It's optional, and definitely not necessary starting at level 15. FFXIV makes the dungeons a mandatory part of the leveling experience, at least if you want to have any semblance of the story and not take a billion years to level on mobs, leves, and FATEs.

I sometimes do not know how you can post stuff like this and think it somehow strengthens your argument.

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