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What would YOU choose for the next new job?

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LebargeX wrote:
reptiletim wrote:
I like the idea of Chemist simply because I want to see them breaking bottles over people's heads.

I think that may be the Hillbilly Berserker class you're thinking of lol.

Maybe a "Drunken" class would be kind of cool. Abilities would be turned on or upgraded depending on the type or volume of drink ingested. Or is that how chemist works already?

Chemists typically have the ability to enhance the effects of potions, possibly even making them effect multiple characters. In FFT they had the ability to throw recovery items several squares (along with actually being able to use them in the first place) while subbing the ability required you to be standing adjacent to your target (unless you equipped the throw item support ability). It was a decent starting support job, but quickly got overshadowed by Mages. It was typically better to have one or two fighters sub the item command for phoenix downs and the like (Auto X-Potion OMGWTFBBQPWNSAUCE).

Overall it was a fairly lackluster job in my opinion, but only because of how limiting they made it in those games. In an MMO like FFXIV they could really do something interesting and unique with this job, maybe something similar to some of the Engineer abilities in GW2. Using potions to heal and cause debuffs would certainly be interesting and i wouldn't mind seeing it poison an ally's weapon. With Archer/Bard not using ammo anymore I don't know if they would require actual potions to use their abilities or not, but it could be a great boon to Alchemy (not to mention the immersion players could experience gathering and crafting their potions to use in battle). If anything they could have self use skills that increase the effects of their own potions/ethers, making some solid abilities to pick up when soloing as another class.
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