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SE should keep the beta forum open... forever!

#1 May 06 2013 at 4:10 PM Rating: Good
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Yes, strawman when you clearly stated, ALL legacy have gone there. I write clearly, so there is little to twist. You clearly had feelings about it and shared.

Xoie wrote:

All the Legacy players have gone to wargle-bargle where it "matters" on the beta Forums.

So I implore SE. Please. Let them keep their own forum where they can "matter" forever and let the general forums be a sunny place as it was meant to be.

Thank you.

PS I don't have anything against Legacy players in general. Some of my best friends are Legacy players. Many just took it for the deal and I respect that. I just don't like the kind that make a big deal of it and worse, spew hate as though being Legacy gives them the right. That is all.

Them who? The all? The ones that are like your friends? Conversations against a particular group never end well. I suppose I was too subtle. Prejudiced people always have to assert that they're not prejudiced and they have friends of the group they're speaking out against. Am I being dishonest now?

Look, if you truly believed that most Legacy players are good people, then you wouldn't have made a generalized post. You also wouldn't have had to put a PS. You put yourself out there. I'm just calling out your BS. Guess what? I'm human too, I understand your prejudice. I just don't engage it, because I know better. You can pretend that you meant whatever. Like someone else said, it sounds like segregation. You want all the "good" people (the ones YOU approve) over here, and those "bad" ones over there. Personally, when something I don't like happens to be the minority, I love it. If 80% of people do something I enjoy, I have fun with the 80%, I don't dwell on the 20% that do things I don't agree with. Yes, people do tend to hold on to negative things, and give them more attention than needed. I'm suggesting that you don't make negative posts about a particular group, and act surprised you don't get a "circle jerk" response. We at ZAM want to make Legacy players feel welcome too. Smiley: tongue Did you make this thread in the main forums as well?

Xoie wrote:

I know it's hard for forum-goers who are used to getting into heated arguments, like the karma-destroying one I'm in now, but most people don't care for arguing. It's a turn-off. Especially when they're dealing with their own leisure time, of which FFXIV is meant to be a part. I think people who are arriving into FFXIV for the first time should be met with a friendly entryway into the Lodestone as their first introduction, without it littered with the usual dystopic threads.

Yes, so It's false for me to assume you're insulting the ZAM forums right? You're just full of generalizations huh? I'm taking you out of context huh? I've had several good debates with people, and gained quite a few ideas. I usually don't opt for "circle jerk" forums where we all agree and no one offends. Even though we disagree, I respect many of the people in the FFXIV section. The difference is, I don't go starting threads, saying how I don't like people who constantly agree and they should just go away for good.

The main forums is a great community of people, and common sense tells me that 7000 views on a thread, and 300 replies means that there maybe 6700 people who haven't shared their opinion, so I cant lump 25 people who happen to be rude as, "OMG you're making our ENTIRE community look bad, go away."

I'm writing this as a Legacy player that's fed up with all this anti-Legacy bull sh*t. You already admitted that most are good people. Isn't that good enough? I have never gone out of my way to state that I'm better than someone just because I happened to pay a 90 day sub. That to me, is idiotic. Yet I have to sit by while people like you constantly start threads against something I'm a part of, simply because a minority happen to do something you don't like. Most of the Legacy hate started as a result of people who were envious. YOU are making non-Legacy look bad, so I think you should find an anti-Legacy forum where you can whine and gripe. Wow, typing that was embarrassing.

There was a thread already created in the main months ago, when the Beta first started, that stated that the threads have improved.

Edited, May 6th 2013 6:12pm by GDLYL
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