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SE should keep the beta forum open... forever!

#1 May 06 2013 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
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GDLYL wrote:
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Anyway, there are more anti-Legacy players than pro-Legacy. People complaining about not being Legacy (over and over), and Legacy and non Legacy telling them to stop whining, is not the same as oppression or epeen measuring. The main forums are so full of joy, that you felt the need to make a hate thread? Smiley: confused A midst all the good feelings you still held resentment?

The most amazing thing I see happening today, are groups of people going out of their way to complain about other people's "privilege." The people who they complain about have no right to retaliate though. (Because they're privileged right?) It's interesting you went from All, to general, to some, ending with the particular 'kind' you don't like. Sounded remarkably close to, "Man I'm sure glad all the <insert race here> left. I don't have anything against <insert race here>, Some of my best friends are <insert race here>. (proving I'm obviously not prejudiced) I just don't like the kinds of <insert race here> that behave in <insert behavior that I don't like>" Smiley: rolleyes

This entire thing started with the countless threads concerning people who felt they should have had more than the year SE offered to qualified. Legacy players didn't start threads laughing at non legacy players. At some point people like to start rewriting history. Obviously not all Legacy members are rude, or non Legacy jealous whiners, but just as you take the behavior of a few and extrapolate it to all, Legacy started seeing all non Legacies as annoying whiners. Naturally, since you have nothing Legacy players want, it puts them at an advantage. They call you entitled for wanting what you didn't earn, and now you call them entitled because they have more, and believe you shouldn't receive what they earned. Is any of this sounding familiar?

You just created a hate thread concerning Legacy players. Does that make sense to you? It's OK to feel jealously/hate,(and I may be wrong, it's just how I'm interpreting it) just don't make a post about it.(Since there are already threads for it) All that's going to accomplish is exactly what you claim you don't like. Antagonizing people and expecting them not to react is a bit strange to me. If the main forums are fun, then enjoy it.

Most Legacy players are good people. Many, if not most people who show up at this FFXIV Zam forum are Legacy players I get along with; they're respectful, and they're decent. I've been here over a year now, and I wouldn't have stuck around that long if I thought otherwise.

So, not only is it disingenuous for you to create a straw man that suggests I hate all Legacy players, but it's equally foul that you wrap these good people around you like a cloak (with out-of-context manipulation) as though my pointing out the worst of them is a slight against the whole lot.

Legacy is a subscription plan you opted into, not something you were born with. And it's unfortunate that SE saw fit to lump the good, bad, and ugly all together into one "Legacy" category for one grand beta test. But once that beta test started, all the noise from all that argumentative hate filled nonsense that often plagues the Lodestone suddenly vanished. So that spiteful, hateful group of people appear to have collectively jumped into the Legacy player category, joined the beta, signed an NDA, and became a blight on the majority of good people who are also Legacy players who have to sadly put up with them. I feel sorry for them.

But it doesn't discount the fact that those who remain posting on the Lodestone have kept it cleaner than it's ever been in its existence. I think it should stay that way.

I know it's hard for forum-goers who are used to getting into heated arguments, like the karma-destroying one I'm in now, but most people don't care for arguing. It's a turn-off. Especially when they're dealing with their own leisure time, of which FFXIV is meant to be a part. I think people who are arriving into FFXIV for the first time should be met with a friendly entryway into the Lodestone as their first introduction, without it littered with the usual dystopic threads.

So why not preserve a clean, friendly general forum, and put the rest of the arguing in it's own forum, just like it is now? Is anyone bothered by this? Why wouldn't a special forum be just the place for all the chop-busting and attention-seeking you could stand apart from a general non-debate thread? Forums in general do this sort of categorizing all the time.

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