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FATE will be the ONLY open world content?

#1 Apr 07 2013 at 11:12 PM Rating: Good
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Some of you guys make such a huge deal out of things that don't ultimately matter. Does the launch of 2.0 steal money out of your wallet? If you already have the 1.0 disc then you have your month of free testing. Would you like it; who knows? Only you can answer that. I don't like waiting 12 hours for an NM to spawn so I might get a chance to roll on an item but others around here love it.

Instead of getting your pants in a bunch over what may or may not happen, why not just sit back and chill? Grab a couple liters of whiskey and a console game with tons 'o playtime. Don't get me wrong, I dig forum drama as much as anyone (except maybe the mods) but after a while you can see where the arguments start to drift towards.
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