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FATE will be the ONLY open world content?

#1 Apr 07 2013 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Ostia wrote:
I cannot wait for the NDA to drop, so i can laugh at the panic Smiley: lol

ok we all know that 1.0 sucked... so youre saying ARR is the difference between night and day from 1.0 and isnt just 1.0 with a few upgrades/putting the game at where it SHOULD have been and all of us who think ist not going to be a HUGE improvement will be proven wrong when the game launches and we see for our self that ARR will be great whereas 1.0 was just poor and its gonna be getting reviews of 8/10 or higher opposed to the crap review 1.0 got?

I laugh at YOU if you really believe that.

Im sure ARR WILL be BETTER than 1.0 but i know it will still be a FAR cry away from what I want in an MMO especially a FF MMO.. and thats already proven by the fact of how far its straying from FFXI and is instead copying WoW...

In otherwords while Im sure i will LIKE FFXIV it will never earn the title of "better than FFXI" from me which is what I was hoping for when the game was first announced
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