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FATE will be the ONLY open world content?

#1 Apr 07 2013 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
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Catwho wrote:
If ARR is anything like 1.0, there are places in the same zone/region that are way too high for you and you don't quite realize it til you've been two shotted. Smiley: laugh Man, some of those aetherytes in La Noscea and The Black Shroud ****** me off in 1.0. Level 70 mobs guarding them!

But, eh, as long as you can still shed aggro by running far enough way, it'll be okay.

The necessity to always be aware of your surroundings was one of the elements that XI did well. Removing that makes the world boring to a degree, I for one hope they are able to avoid this.
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