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FATE will be the ONLY open world content?

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View F.A.T.E as a lens through which certain content is accessed. Think about active time events in previous Final Fantasies. They were events that happened in the past or were happening at the same time as you were doing other things. Just like real life you know? When you play baseball outside, the rest of the world doesn't pause until you interact with it.

F.A.T.E doesn't rob you of your will or depend on you to progress. It happens regardless of you and only allows you the opportunity to affect it's course. Your mission should you choose to accept that mission will be off the record. If you get caught, you will be disavowed.

What is your interpretation of an NM? To me an NM is a notorious monster. Whether I encounter that randomly or through a lens does not change the fact that it is a "Notorious Monster". Instanced doesn't neccesarily have to mean outside interlopers cannot compete for it. Maybe there will be an instanced zone with 100 members from different guilds fighting over that NM. If you read the comment amount no NM literally. All it says is that an NM as you know it from XI are not here with the vague words used.

Yoshi said there would be treasure map stuff. PvP will not be open world. To be so would go against the very foundation of what FInal Fantasy is. There will areas for this just as Guild Wars has mists.

Last thing on instances. Instance doesn't have to mean no random traveler cannot help you or raise you upon seeing you for the first time. I get raised all the time when soloing dynamis currently or even the old days in XI. I enter the zone alone as in only one in the zone. Some nice traveller passes by and on occasion they raise me.

You don't know what is instanced. You don't know whether you prefer instance or open or not. Until you experience how SE implements it and how you experience the content.

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