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did 1.0 have "complex" quests?

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KaneKitty wrote:
Kachi wrote:
Eh, I don't mind having a Fields of Valor type situation where you can gain XP faster by targeting certain types of monsters (assuring that you actually travel around the area and fight different types of monsters rather than finding the best place to grind out Coblyns). I don't want any of that sh*t in my questing, though. To me, if you can't throw in a bit of original story and scenario, don't @#%^ing bother calling it a quest.

MMOs are notoriously terrible about this. It'd be one thing if they made even the most minimal effort, say by imposing a time limit on the Kill 10 X quest, but it's usually less of a quest and more of a "Hey, why don't you go XP on spiders for a while?"

Yes! Yes, exactly! It's the fact that these MMO "quests" are too bare-bones to be called such, and because they become stale incredibly quickly, that their presence is so annoying.

Give simple, grinding-type content without a story for exp. purposes, and give interesting narratives to quests. If you give a narrative with every little task, then we just get 200 forgettable walls of text that involve poor excuses to hack at monsters spawning right next to us. It's a poor design, it's a poor story and, worst of all, it's not even fun to play through!

I agree with these sentiments. In my opinion, everything comes down to dynamics. Too much of a single thing or theme can begin to feel to familiar or lose some luster. The depth of the great is felt more when there is more tuned down aspects preceding it. If I were to speak to you about the same topic and never shift. You would feel less impacted or maybe just grow slightly disinterested. If I were to speak or project my words at the same speed, without pauses, different inflections, or without the use of different mannerisms. You would feel less impacted or maybe grow quite disinterested.

The same goes with game design. It might be a good idea to approach narrative in the same manner. Create a world with no text based or cutscene narrative and the intepretation is left entirely up to the user. Create a world with text based or cutscene narrative for every little thing and the user has no room to interpret much. The extremes do not have to be the only avenue of delivery.

What about all the subtle flavors?
Each quest could touch upon different emotional themes, an npc might speak through the inflection of different beliefs or moods.The reason to kill beasts differ to each individual. Is it out of neccessity or the fun/ thrill of the pursuit?
Pushing aside the known fact that the internet can be used to look up everything one wishes to know about a game. Would there really be an important neccesary purpose for hunting beasts other than gaining xp? Yes from time to time, but not a constant. When there is dynamics, the lesser things and greater things take on more significance.
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