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Perrin wrote:
GDLYL wrote:
War and Pld weren't anywhere near equal in skill that they took to play. Surely you jest. I might be assuming, because I don't know if your sig is current.

I thought I worded things well enough to suggest that a well played PLD still required skill from teammates, and that a skilled WAR tanking certain AOE fights required a similar level of skill. I also mentioned that WAR is easy mode tanking and because of that more people play it or demand it in PUGs which IMO leads to even less skilled PLD tanks to choose from (due to lack of experience).

My sig is/was current, or fairly close. I do not have end game experience with PLD, however I do have experience with it up to the same point I did with WAR. I've always been the type of player that doesn't get the best gear first, so I have to make up for that with skill.... from what I played, I did not have the skill to be a good PLD without support of my party... something that was hard to guarantee in PUGs. I do however have good experience with WAR and PLD tanks in almost every boss fight/primal/dungeon while playing as everything in my sig that's at 50, so I'm VERY familiar with how the hate bar progressed or became static and at which points during various fights AND the amount of holding back required and the duration for both tanks to be successful.

You're somewhat vague, but that's ok. I'm curious, can you tell me which content with multiple monsters required skillful play from Warrior? Unless, exp parties is defined as content. Even then, I'd still be interested to learn. Is it wrong of me to have the opinion that, if you haven't used Paladin end game, then you wouldn't be able to make an informed assessment comparing the two? While I can respect your opinion, I don't agree on the grounds that simply being in a party with a Paladin doesn't give you that jobs experience. While we may have the presence of mind, I found that my job was more effective if I knew the tank personally. Only because you get used to their play style. They usually informed us when certain things were applicable/NA. I say that only because you said you had no Paladin end game experience, then proceeded to say you had good experience with WAR and PLD....Smiley: dubious If that's what you mean when you said you worded things well... Smiley: oyvey

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