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will PS3 version get delayed?

#1 Mar 14 2013 at 9:31 PM Rating: Good
Needs More Smut
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Poubelle wrote:
now you're just bordering on insanity. you don't need to be an author to critique a book. I might just be a 'video games enthusiast' but I have a pretty good idea of what's fun and what isn't.

apparently you think only programmers and game developers deserve to have their opinions heard. let me educate you. these games are made to sell to and please the consumers. "disgusting commonfolk" such as myself. I would say that since the opinions of these non-programmers, non-game developers are what dictate sales, what they think is pretty relevant.

I'd have more respect for your opinion if you had more respect for the English language. Unless you're a quadriplegic typing with a straw, there's no excuse not to hit the shift key and capitalize your sentences. Good arguments are not only well crafted, they are well presented.

Again, the burden of proof is upon you to convince us that what you're saying is worth listening to. So far in that you have failed. There's a reason that ZAM rediscovered the ignore button in threads you've posted in.
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Thayos wrote:
I can't understand anyone who skips the cutscenes of a Final Fantasy game. That's like going to Texas and not getting barbecue.

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