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will PS3 version get delayed?

#1 Mar 14 2013 at 10:41 AM Rating: Excellent
Anterograde Amnesia
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je355804 wrote:
You might as well call the ignore button the "I accept that I actually get mad about what someone says on the internet" button. I mean come on people, it's hilarious to me you're getting upset about what a guys who's ID is "Trash Can" is saying.

Not really, I would think of it more as I don't want his trash cluttering up my forums than getting mad about what he says. I haven't banned him yet because all he is doing right now is trash talking a game, which is certainly within forum limits. If he ever pushes it beyond that then he's out of here. I would rather have Kachi's naysaying than his, I don't feel good about even putting them in the same category because they aren't really. Kachi can form constructive arguments and converse in a civil manner, Poubelle simply has sewage spilling from his keyboard and if you come up with a good counterpoint he just ignores it. Apples and oranges.
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