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will PS3 version get delayed?

#1 Mar 14 2013 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
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Poubelle wrote:
Thayos wrote:
If they delay the PS3 version, then they'll delay the PC version, too.

But neither will be delayed, at least according to any information that's been released so far. Both versions appear on track for release, and I'm very excited to be able to sit in my living room and play while my wife plays on her laptop!

@bold - doubt it. I'm just making predictions here, but they'll likely re-release the PC version (digital only) sometime over the Summer, with PS3 version in early 2014.

this seems like the most realistic time frame.

Thank god we have Poubelle, the incredible analyst on the case.

They will not release one without the other. That would be the worst mistake they could make. It would mean they broke their promise, when they were being so good about keeping them until that point. They already proved they are not afraid to push the release back. ****, 2.0 was supposed to be OUT by now, in January/Feb. Not beta. Retail.

If your prediction is right, which it completely isn't, then this would be a repeat of 1.0 all over again. They need the PS3 user-base to bump up the sub numbers.

Lastly, what information are you analyzing? We have no information at all, pc and ps3. They aren't sneakily hiding it, as they've released some video. The fact that the beta roadmap lists ps3 testing in phase 3 is a clear indicator that they have it on track with the PC version.

however, XIV was beyond awful.

You played how much of it? Because if they didn't take the servers down, I would still be playing. The changes brought by the end were very nice and I had lots of fun.

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