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will PS3 version get delayed?

#1 Mar 14 2013 at 3:27 AM Rating: Good
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Ostia wrote:
Archmage Callinon wrote:
I have a stupid question for you Poubelle..


You've done nothing but espouse the belief that if FFXIV launches at all without bursting immediately into flames, that it will be the biggest unmitigated failure of design, execution, and flavor profile since the invention of the razor-lined fleshlight.

If you're just trying to troll, ok... you're bad at it, but ok... if you're genuinely interested in discussing FFXIV, then I have to wonder why you are looking at it in such a negative light. You realize this is a fansite right? Ostensibly a website where fans meet to discuss aspects of whatever they're fans of? In this case FFXIV?

Back at the launch of 1.0, I was really critical of the game, because I'd just spent that beta pointing out all the things it was doing wrong only to watch them do all of those things. So you know what I did? I left. I went away. I came back NOW because I think 2.0 has a shot and I'm desperately curious to see if they can pull it off. I want the game to succeed because I loved Final Fantasy and I loved FFXI.

You, on the other hand, seem to only want to describe all the ways in which it will surely fail. And the kicker is: unlike when I was doing something similar, YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME YET.

You're making all these assertions about things you can't possibly know. In the case of this thread, those assertions are about SE's development process and the steps they're taking with Sony to ensure that the PS3 version of this game is shipped in a playable state. But this is hardly an isolated event.

So I've just got to know... what on Earth are you doing here?

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Because it would be awfully boring w/o people to argue with ? I mean he is an idiot, but they did release 1.0 on PC and delayed the PS3 version until forever <.<

While that is true, it seems everything Tanaka said never happened. What I have noticed is that when Yoshi-P says something, he means it, then backs it up with results. He has beenpretty dead on with the time frames and such from day one. When the original roadmap wasn't going to make it's release, he told us all way ahead of time. When the new roadmap was released he hit the nail on the head again. So, until I hear different from him, I guess I'll just keep believing what he says.
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Teneleven wrote:
We secretly replaced your tank wemelchor with Foldgers Crystal's. Let's see what happens.

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