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Old FFXI player questions about FFXIV.

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Torrence wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:

95% of the time youd be correct with that statement.. this particular time however Id have to disagree. for example ton stark (on the iron man movies) is a jerk because hes full of himself... nobody else talk about how wonderful/great he is EXCEPT him. Now if OTHERS were doing it and he was merely repeating what hes heard other say about him a million times then I probably still call him egotistical (as opposed to modest) but hed then lose his "jerk" tag sense at this point he has ppl who can backup the claims he makes about himself as opposed to the entire room rolling their eyes in disgust everytime he goes off on a rant about how "awesome" he is.. while everyone else is looking like "well he seems to be the ONLY one who thinks that"

Well, I doubt anyone in this thread thinks you are half as badass as you claim, so in essence, you ARE the only one claiming it.

and you are 100% correct considering no one in this thread (or forum period) knows me or knew me ingame outside of what i post in this forum.. so that statement you made is indeed 1200% correct. though Im sure if you were to inquire on the Shiva fourms of FFXI youd get confirmation.

Now Ill admit a LOT of ppl on the server didntg like me and theyll quickly tell you that.. heck Ill even admit that.. after all I dont exactly have an award winning personality (FAR from it infact) but they wont deny that when they wanted/needed someone to do a job and get it done.. I was the guy the could count on to always delivered results.. the only downside was they had to endure my "oozing with friendship and kittens" personality... but that was nothing a temporary ignore/blacklist couldnt fix.

Its Just like Wolverine.. hes not exactly the life of the party, nor is hes the guy youd go to for comfort in your emotional time of need, and 90% of the time he makes you wanna smack the **** out of him... but when you were in trouble or you needed something to drop dead.. he always had your back and got the job done... After all I dont recall the X-men ever once giving him his "walking papers"
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