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Old FFXI player questions about FFXIV.

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catwho wrote:
Maybe all the linkshells that were after him were also putting the "badass all the other linkshells want" in quotes, too. Would not be the first time someone who had a big head in XI was totally WHOOSHED by all of endgame.

The ironic thing is that even today, 90% of content still requires at least 3 people to accomplish, because SE programmed it that way. Assaults? Check. Salvage? Check. Meeble Burrows? Check.

ok Ill give you some examples and you tell me if those sound like sarcasm/quotes to you: keep in mind this is pre abyssea.

-standing in white gate minding my own business-

get examined

30 secs later get a /tell by someone who examed me

/t you have all those merits plus jobs at 75 and your SAM is wearing a hauby+1, PCC, two sniper rings+1 and other miscellaneous high cost items (and that was just my tp gear my WS gear was of the same "calibur") how do you NOT have an LS.. join ours" etc etc

or join a merit party

doing 300-500 a hit easily on sam getting 100+ tp in 10 secs and pulling out WS that do 1000+ each time (yeah thats noting in abyssea hence me stating this is pre abyssea)

gets /tell from ppl that were in the party

"zomg join our ls"

or setting somewhere as thief

gets examined

have gear the equivalent of what my sam has (aside from the hauby+1 being an SH+1 and different sets of gear for TP and WS.. along with a thief knife (back when they were 7-17mil, hard to get and not everyone was running around with one) and could put up 1k+ dmg as a thief with sata WS when NOT fighting birds (which was pretty much "amazing"/unheard of for thfs to do at that level which is why they hardly got invites or ppl prefers drk/thf because they could do a thief job and put up higher numbers

gets tell

"zomg that dmg is pretty good (and or) you have TH3, and a lotta merits and jobs at 75... join our ls!!"

days/weeks/months go by

"you STILL arent in an ls? just join our already.. like Ive been asking you to since like forever"

or the time I was leveling PLD in ifrits cauldron entrance at around 40-45 and how amazed the party was when the mob didnt take its eyes of me for a second even after the mnk uses hundred fists and the drk used berserk, soul eater blood weapon and i didnt even use my 2 hour.

or the drk who kept sending me tells about how I was the first thf hes ever partied with that didnt suck (because I could sata hate on to the tank fast after the drk voked it after a pull without the drk dying before the thf did his/her job)

Now i dunno about you but all that sounds like praise/rel compliments/someoen whos is in high demand/genuinely wasnt someone to join their ls as opposed to just "whoosing" them.. but Im im incorrect feel free to correct me
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