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Old FFXI player questions about FFXIV.

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catwho wrote:
So, you didn't solo or duo 90% of the content in XI. You still used pick up groups/alliances or linkshells.

While it's true that you don't need a linkshell to accomplish stuff in XI, it was considerably easier. Yeah, you were badass 75 that all the HNMs were drooling over, but how much time and effort did you have to put into building that pick up alliance for Bahamut V1 alone? 1-2 hours of shouting at least to find enough people on the mission or who were willing to help. Bahamut V2 required weeks of planning, what with needing to farm Ouryu pops from ENMs and then Bahamut pops from Ouryu... A linkshell allows you to plan out events on that scale ahead of time.

As for being the "badass 75 all the linkshells wanted" - don't be a braggart, dude. You just sound like a jerk.

as for time and effort shouting i only had to do that for maybe 3-4 ppl in that group the others were ppl i either already knew (friends), ppl that were party of the CoP static I built or ppl from other LSs that new me by rep. and yes I even did the same with Ouryu and Bahamut V2 so most of the group was formed by sending a quick /tell

As for sounding like a jerk... so telling the truth makes you sound like a jerk? I always thought it was "the truth shall set you free" not "the truth shall make you sound like a jerk" perhaps i should start lying then?

also I wouldnt call it being a braggart as you made a statement and i countered it.. that statement was:

"Bad and/or no linkshell in XI? Worst game ever."

to which the point of my "bragging" was I didnt have an LS so why wasnt FFXI the worst game ever for me? I wouldnt spend 8 year splaying something i thought was the worst game ever
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