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Old FFXI player questions about FFXIV.

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DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
catwho wrote:
I think the most striking similarity is how linkshells made or broke the game in both cases.

Good linkshell in XI? Best game ever. Good linkshell in XIV? Not the best game, but still a worthwhile time investment and lots of fun.

Bad and/or no linkshell in XI? Worst game ever. Bad and/or no linkshell in XIV? No point even logging in.

ill have to disagree with that bad/no linkshell in FFXI part.. i first 5-6 years off FFXI was linkshell less and I loved it. I accomplished a lot w/o linkshells ()i.e i didnt do or complete anything when i joined a linkshell that i hadnt already completed without one). I finally joined one because I got tired of being hounded by all the end game linkshells who wanted the "badass lvl 75 with multiple jobs at 75, a craft at 100 with all over crafts at 60, who had full capped merits, lots of gil and expensive gear, had all kinda accomplishments and could solo an duo stuff no one of his same job in our ls could" so I finally caved and joined one just so ppl would stop pestering me.

But at the same time i liked teh popularity/attention of being the "free agent" everyone was dying to "sign/contract" Im looking forward to being "that guy" again in FFXIV (though im sure it wont be as great considering how casual/dumbed down FFXIV will be compared to FFXI that just about EVERYONE in FFXIV could be "that guy" if they wanted too thanks in part to the fact that 90% of the content is soloable whether you suck or not.)

Wow, quite an imagination. Even without a linkshell, the vast majority of content in XI required at least a party or an alliance to compete. The "best" gear at 75 cap came from {sky} and {sea} and you're quite silly if you expect us to believe you duo'd Jailor of Love, Ultima, and Kirin. Now, it's entirely possible you paid linkshells millions of gil in order to merc those items for you, in which case you were still leveraging a linkshell to accomplish your work, even if you weren't actually in the linkshell.
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Thayos wrote:
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