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Interesting FFXIV article

#1 Jan 17 2013 at 1:02 PM Rating: Excellent
Anterograde Amnesia
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DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Wint wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
well then I guess we'll just have a wiat a few months and see what the critics say this time around then huh?

And yet you keep posting these articles and soliciting opinions on how the game is going to do. How does anything in this thread affect how the game will do? I assume you keep doing this because you want to figure out if you're going to retry it or not, yet you say you will regardless of what is said. So why does this all matter? Why do you care why I think the game will do fine? Were you expecting some kind of insider knowledge that would tip the scales and shut up the naysayers?

why you ask? thats simple.. because when it does happen (As im sure it will) I can say "i toldja so)

as for figuring out if im gonna retry it.. i cant RETRY something i never tried.. Ive been waiting for it to come out on PS3 since it was first announced (i dont game on PC).. ans yes regardless of what is or isnt said I plan to play it (and most likely even enjoy it) as i do ANY game with "final fantasy" in the title... so how bad the critics say it is (or how bad the game ACTUALLY is) wont deter me from at least playing it to see for myself. Id have done it 2 years ago had it launched on ps3 when it was supposed to

So you're just hanging around to wait and see if the game will fail so you can get a virtual "in your face" out there? Smiley: dubious

Trying to decide if I want to ban you now or watch you get egg on your face.
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