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Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Leveling methods ?

#1 Jan 17 2013 at 11:15 AM Rating: Good
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Ishihara wrote:
IMO, a decision such as this to replace, exp parties is well, stupid, why go through the trouble, then many of the quests could suck, repetitive, possibly broken, etc... as opposed to making great zones as well as more zones to find a good pt, chat and xp all night, while listening to Jrock!

Why can't we have quests? They should do these quests for leveling up just like offline final fantasies. Traveling to a new zone with party members, fighting monsters along the way to a quest objective. That objective might just be a cs or some zone boss. It would require some leveling up to complete. Grinding in one spot for hours might feel good to socialise in. But that is not Final Fantasy. Unless FFXI is the only FF that counts for you?

Ishihara wrote:
I disagree and hope this doesn't happen, can we do that? I actually liked the travel, riding chocobos, and hoped for another form of transportation like a personal airship, it could be done, I actually thought, or hoped these... Pic1 Pic2
would be the airships, not to large, since there would be many in the skies, and make them something you have to earn, like the equivalent of a matts cap, that would be nice, then you would have status... a rare useful item, fun, and what ever else you can think of

You misunderstood me I think. There will still be plenty of sidequest involving traveling. For the purpose of expanding lore or questing stuff. I prefer levequest to be a repeatable group or solo content that has a more direct jump in and go leveling process. Think of the sub job quests in Valkurm or the quested genkai, I'm saying I want levequest to function something like those. I'd go so far as to level cap areas of importance. Hence my idea of journey leves. Instead of level up at X area then travel to Y to complete the tasks. I'm suggesting level up & accomplish the tasks in X area.

Ishihara wrote:
This is why finding a party and grinding should remain in the game, I wouldn't mind doing some quests to finish a level or gain a significant amount of xp to change the pace or get into a good story(I hope story will continue to be implemented, even those small quests that only build town npc background char, loved those), but I hope we still will be able to get to max level in *cough/ahem* traditional*ffxi* style xping.

Then I hope your hope doesn't come true. That would pretty much limit the playerbase to old XI players or other old school type progression mmo players. That's not Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy consist of grinding en route towards steady incoming objectives. They are not going to implement some block to deny you killing stuff in the same area for X amount of hours. They just won't force people to level one way. Forcing of hands will spell smallness in playerbase. That's the equivalent of telling players the only way to level up would be to PvP. If SE starts telling players that for something they pay for. They may as well close shop now or be content with a relatively small playerbase.
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