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Im curious...

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Montsegurnephcreep wrote:
WoW, FFXI and whatever other P2P MMO came out at a different time, and unfortunately (or fortunately) have us all hooked like crack addicts. We all seem to have the notion that "good" MMO's are P2P which I just don't think is the case any more. If FFXIV goes F2P, it might not be because it wasn't good, it'll simply be because of the current market and trends for MMOs. F2P MMOs will need awhile to get rid of the stigma that they were all dead games needing to be revived. Some simply go to this model cause it actually makes them more money.

Edited, Jan 10th 2013 8:44am by Montsegurnephcreep

no I have the menatllit ythat P2P MMOs = good and F2P MMOs = bad because of what they consist of..

the only P2P MMO ive played was FFXI it it had a HUGE plethora of things to do.. I could play the game an entire month and never repeat the same task twice

whereas all the F2P MMOs Ive played are extremely bland and repetitive... ive downloaded and tried plenty of PC F2P MMOs.. 9 dragons, last chaos, and two moons just to name a few.

and they ALL have the same things in common.. for one the exp system is bad... you don get points.. instead you have a numeric "meter" that starts off at 0.00% and when you get it to 100% you level up... now when you first start youre getting %% per kill... so 20 kills you level.. ok thats doable... but then before youre even HALFWAY to level cap.. you get to the point where youre getting 0.001% per kill.. thats 100 kills just to get 1% which means 10000 kills to level up... then when you finally are halfway to cap you start having to kill 4-5 enemies before you get that 0.001%

and I laugh at ppl who say FFXI grinding was bad.. at least with FFXI getting to max level seemed possible/doable in my lifetime... those F2P MMOs Ive played however.. would NEVER see me with a character at CLOSE to max level.

and their idea of "new content" = double exp weekends, and raising the level cap and adding new areas with higher level monsters to reach that cap in (but even on those new higher level monsters.. when youre at the level range to fight them you still have to kill multiple to get 0.001% exp)

the only other thing the game consist of is PvP and fetch quests.. so three things to do really and most of which can be done solo.. outside of PVP youre given zero reason or incentive to interact with other players... nope.. no grinding parties in this game (which if youre getting less that 0.0!% per kill solo on monsters you can already kill in 4-5 hits I can only imagine how bad the exp in a group is)

never was there anything like limbus, dynmis/sea/sky to do.. and these games with horrible level requirements and pvp are supposed to keep people playing for years like FFXI did? whoever has the attention span to hit max in one of those games is a god lol..

thats how EVERY F2P MMO ive played was... until I see one that proves otherwise.. Ill always thing F2P MMOs are garbage (dont say Guild Wars as I dont consider MMOs that you have to BUY but at free to play after you buy them count.. Im talking games that are completely free to download, install and play" Not to mention these games can be 5 years old yet theyre still calling themselves a "bet" how long does beta testing take? I think its just an excuse they use for the games crappiness and lack of depth
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