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Archmage Callinon wrote:
because we haven't seen a good sandbox with new tech (minecraft doesnt count)

Why doesn't Minecraft count?

Because i said so. Fine, I'll clarify. Good AAA sandbox MMO with new tech and some kind of story and not Wolfenstein 3D graphics.

And I don't know much about how crowd-sourcing would work for an MMO, but it certainly has the potential for awesomeness.

Archmage Callinon wrote:

Visit any major MMO developer's official forums. Yeah, there's a good reason they don't crowdsource these things.

That sounded clever, but you're operating under the fallacy that the mouthbreathers on the forums are all coders/artists/level designers, and that said developer would just take any ******* who wanted to contribute their "ideas". The guy saying "its dumb for Rangers to have unlimited arrows because its not realistic" probably isn't the guy who can code/model/texture. And if he was, I'd imagine any smart dev team would, I don't know, put recruited talent through an application/review process?

Wasteland 2 asked fans to offer their skillsets to help with the game. The devs didn't just give them the code and let them run wild with it. That would be retarded. Fans posted on the forums with their skillsets/offerings, and were plucked from the pool.

Think it through more.

Archmage Callinon wrote:

I'm not a big fan of the idea of speed runs being required for gear upgrades, for the simple reason that min/maxing becomes an absolutely critical component to that, and less desirable classes eventually find themselves unable to progress through no actual fault of their own.

I have similar concerns. I'm not much of a game designer, but I have to imagine there are ways around this. This is a less than ideal example, but a jumping puzzle is the kind of thing that would avoid min/max or class requirements.

Archmage Callinon wrote:

The best gear should be obtainable through doing content. If the best gear in the game is available through crafting, then what's the content for after you've done it once?

That, good sir, is called an opinion. Kind of an outdated one too, imo. There are other ways to motivate people to do content. Making it fun is one way. Offering cosmetic rewards/titles, and/or having leaderboards. Come on, think outside the box a little.

Making the best (non-relic) gear obtainable through crafters fosters community and economy. Its an old and more sandboxy way of doing things. My question is, do people still want that? Clearly, you do not. Totally fine.

Also, this:
Kachi wrote:

Not all crowd-sourcing is open source. Github is a perfect example of how software managers screen and implement the crowdsource solutions that they like. You have a great submission with walking penises but you don't want walking penises, you find someone to remove the walking ***** code and use that version. (Though personally I think a walking ***** version sounds pretty awesome.)

Crowd-sourced FUNDING is another matter altogether, e.g., Kickstarter. These players don't necessarily have any say in the development of the game; they're just voting on the concept with their dollars.

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