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The Gold Saucer. (Speculation Thread)

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Onionthiefx wrote:
Here are some ideas I have kicking around for the Golden Saucer... some of these are built on other ideas people have suggested in this thread:

1) Tokens and tickets, like an arcade!

- Basically, GS has it's own currency that you purchase with gil (tokens). Non-refundable. You use the tokens to play games, and based on your score or if you win or lose you get tickets. These tickets can then be redeemed at the item counter for a variety of rare/ex items, including gear and furnishings, some of which will come with titles and achievements. Some of the gear can even have specific mini-game type bonuses-- imagine a basketball looking jersey that allows you to shoot 4 basketballs instead of 3 at the Hoopz mini-game.

2) Real rewards!

- I also think that obtaining other *real* goods by exchanging tickets is a neat idea. These could be for exclusive XIV products, or other SE merchandise. Say SE makes a cactuar plushie based on the XIV model... and the only way you could obtain it is through the GC (can't be ordered otherwise)... it would really motivate some people to grind for it. And there's no reason that unlocking it couldn't come with an achievement, title, or an even an in game cactuar furnishing. In terms of other merchandise, perhaps you really want the Bravery Default soundtrack... but would rather play mini-games to earn it then spend your hard earned dough. An added incentive to not pay for it, again, would be to pair it with some type of digital content.

3) Gifting!

- Say you decide to take your e-mistress on a date to the GS, and she really wants the Fat Chocobo furnishing. You can play games to win it for her, then when you go to purchase it at the item counter, you can make it out directly to her, and it would be sent via Mognet. If it arrives as a rare/ex item, then it can't be sold, thus removing any possible gil implications. (The item could just be accepted and discarded if unwanted.) No titles or achievements can be 'gifted', however.

4) Consumables!

- Hotdogs, cotton candy, fireworks, beer-- anything befitting of a theme or amusement park, really. These can all be bought with gil

5) Attractions!

- There should be lots of places that you want to visit within the park itself, just to see them. Like at the Magic Kingdom there could be fireworks every night at 8:00 pm in game, but to get the best viewpoint (and take the best screenshots!) you'll want to be at the main courtyard. There could be a parade of FF themed mascots in a specific spot at 12 pm. There could be a gondola ride, for a small fee. There are tons of possibilities here, really.

6) The Colosseum!

- FF6 style, but against another opponent. 1 on 1, fight to the incap. You wager an item, the game blindly matches you with someone who has waged a similar item. Winner takes all. For the sake of simplicity, say level 50s only. If someone d/cs during the match, it's an automatic forfeit. Each fight could also have a small entry fee... another gil sink. Alternatively, tickets could be used in place of items.

7) And of course, mini-games!

- There are so many ideas from past FFs to draw on. For the sake of simplicity, let's include chocobo racing/betting under this heading (note: if this is done with tickets, then there is no need to worry about RMTs exploiting it). Whether it's snowboarding from FF7 or 'poker' from FFXIII-2, it would be pretty easy to adapt 10 solid mini-games from previous titles... not to mention, pretty **** fun. A large part of ARR is supposed to be fostering an FF feel (and in the process providing fan service), and especially with it being the 25th anniversary, I think it would be great to see at least some classic mini-games reinvented. I'm also totally open to new mini-games as well, so long as they're enjoyable (and as far away from parley as possible, lol).

Edited, Dec 31st 2012 5:39pm by Onionthiefx

I absolutely LOVE some of these ideas!

The irl merchandise grind needs to be just that. A grind. Swag is a serious source of revenue so it should take a substantial amount of time to earn for "free". I.E: enough subscription time to compensate.

I think I love the idea of a scheduled parade more than my fortune-telling moogle (shouldn't be a daily event. Maybe once a month to keep it relevant).

Gondola is a must.

Gifting is a must (love the idea of sending my "macho" guy friends plushie furnishings.

Gold(en) Saucer can truly be epic. And truly has room to improve as the years accumulate.

Edited, Jan 2nd 2013 6:24pm by ShindaUsagi
Sour Cherry
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