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FFXIV Official Alpha Video: Combat & Quests

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FilthMcNasty wrote:
Llester wrote:
The box-throwing just made him look silly. Sort of an embarrassing bravado moment Maybe it's just me, I sometimes have a weird sense of what is appropriate. Also, he didn't actually play XI. She did, but apparently just let her cuteness carry her through the game, because she seemed to barely understand it at all.

Perhaps, but you can't deny that it's probably the reaction just about anyone who wasted $80 on the CE did or at least, wanted to do.

As for the statement about XI, I wouldn't doubt it. Then again, the same could be said for most of the population. We're talking about a game where people face certain directions and only craft during certain moon phases. We're also talking about a game whose mechanics defined the manner in which players were 'allowed' to participate. We're talking about the same game that had you standing still, waiting.

Both good points. I think I had a much greater tolerance for XIV simply because it was "different" and I like to give things that are different a chance. Especially growing up playing old school rpgs that tended to feature game mechanics that were straight up retarded (or good ideas poorly implemented)because designers were just throwing things at the wall hoping they'd stick. I still believe that XIV 1.0 had a few great concepts that were destroyed by lack of cohesiveness and just plain bad implementation, all sitting under the tattered, leaky umbrella of a horribly optimized engine.

I kept checking in on XIV instead of doing some major box-tossing because its not often that you get to have front row seats to a show like this, and I've basically just been wanting to see how it ends. Watching the game change has been more interesting than playing it, that's for sure.

As for XI, we should always keep context in mind. It's easy to poo-poo XI now for all its ridiculous mechanics, but at the time, that stuff was all new and fun. I resubbed to XI this summer to play with old friends, and even they couldn't keep me around. It was just too **** taxing/mind-numbing/time-wasting to justify logging in. After the nostalgic high wore off, I was out the door.

Also, it was my understanding that Kenzie was brought in as a sort of FF expert, and she was pretty bad at that, is what I meant.

FilthMcNasty wrote:

For the same reason, I don't see why some people find the comment about the possibility of the video being better if it were produced by a NA company. My theory is that people who are offended don't realize we're talking about a company who went 8 years before releasing their own official forum. A company who, up until that point, was tight-lipped about the most trivial details. This type of player probably thinks they're blessed to be exposed to the wonder that is eastern game development.

I guess we're just spoiled in the west. We want explanations for changes, answers to questions and regular feedback from developers to assure us that our concerns for a game, a service that we pay for, is actually providing service.

If there were one thing that you could take away from the shortcomings of XIV 1.0... one phrase that should make you shudder when you read it...

well, its still Alpha

haha true strike re: the phrase of doom.

I completely see your point, and tbh I'm not holding my breath for some insanely exciting gameplay trailer. I can see now that I took what Gary said the wrong way,even though I knew what he meant. I think I mistakenly heard him make a broad generalization;"Japanese companies should hire NA production teams because Japanese can't make good gameplay trailers" (even if this is true, its kind of bad PR to say this on a popular talk show, seewhatididthere) when what he really said was "SE should hire an NA team because they clearly don't know what PR means" And he's correct, for the reasons you just mentioned.

also, yes, we are totally spoiled in the west. but if it raises standards worldwide, maybe that's okay.

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