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should make a story that connects FFXI to 14

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DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Ostia wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Ostia wrote:
I have a better idea... Let XIV stand on it's own legs... You know like every other FF title.... Like XI did :)

like EVERY other title?

ummm ff12... ff13-2 ff13-3, ffx-2...fft advanced, ff crisis core, ff dirge of cerberus soo much for every other ff title standing on its own legs

You're and Idiot..... First of FF12 is a stand alone game, there is no connection between it and FFT besides both being placed in a place called "Ivalice" second, XIII-2 and XII-2 are sequels, XI and XIV are not, FF Advance is not set in the same universe as FFT, there are no connections between them, other than as FXII being set in a place called Ivalice. And who cares about cerberus or the FFVII cash grabs ?

Now tell me which numbered title directly follows a previous one ? Answer is none :)

umm the fact that theyre making sequels, making new games that take place in a world (even if it not directly connected) that exists in a previous game) and the fact that theyre making spin offs to a previous games means SE is running out of ideas and the series is no longer standing on its own legs... I mean We have what.... 10 or 11 FFs before that stuff finally started happening? so yeah my argument still stands

No it does not, No numbered FF title is based on another one, the closest that you can make an argument is for IV and V for their use of the crystals in almost the same concept, other than that no FF main title has copied lore from another one added to it and called it a day like XIV is doing :) As for the sequels and spin offs, they mostly suck, so why would you even want them to do that to XIV ? X-2 sucked, XIII-2 sucked, advanced sucked, advanced 2 sucked, the entire new nintendo brand FF titles, crystal chronicles thing BLOWS! The only 2 games that have been spinoffs that are good are FFVII Crisis core, and FF Zero, other than that i guess dissadia or whatever is called, is an ok title, but it can be so much more than what it is :)

Oh and no, the Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are not the same world/universe. Now FFT/FFXII/VT do share the same universe/world.
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