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for ppl that complain about turn based combat in mmo

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Kachi wrote:
ShindaUsagi wrote:

By no means am I calling anything turn base. It's simply my limited understanding of the argument that encourages me to assume.

By your account however, and forgive me if I'm wrong, people want a third person action game. Or a FPS. They want Bayonetta co-op.

Yeah, I was just trying to help you understand the argument. But yes, some people want a third person action game. Having said that...

So this is what the modern mmo base wants? Button mashing? This is the argument? I'm honestly trying to understand. DCU is getting it right?

A good action game (of which there are many) is much more than button mashing. It's real-time strategy. If you look at a classic series, Super Smash Bros... this is a series of fighting games. Sure, some people just mash buttons. They get completely creamed by experienced players, because in reality the game is more complex than your average MMO. You need to know which moves have priority over others, where the hitboxes are, which ways your character can effectively dodge... you have to be able to predict your opponent's moves and learn to fake them out. There's much more to it than button mashing. And understandably, some people want that higher level of stimulation that those games can offer.

Having said that, there are also concerns with ping and lag with that kind of game in an online environment. Having a fraction of a second of delay between what your opponent does and what you see can be a tremendous disadvantage. There's even screen output delay, and with some monitors or televisions, you effectively can't play.

For PVE, those concerns aren't as meaningful, and a lot of players would be happy to see more of them. Personally I wholly agree, but I also want to see a greater effort to facilitate communication in combat. That means you can't be pushing buttons 95% of the time.

coming from a guy who can beat the DMC and ninja gaiden games on the hardest difficulties without even getting scratched.. Id have to disagree slightly..

turn based combat to me is more about strategy, brainpower and planning... 100% brainpower.. its like a game of chess..

whereas games like smash bros, dmc or NG take SOME intelligence but Id say its 90% skill and reflexes.. it comes down to knowing the enemies attack patterns and being fast enough to avoid them... even if you do know the enemies tactics all that knowledge means nothing if youre not fast enough in teh reflex department to pull it off.. so id say its 90% reflex 10% strategy.. and I prefer to win my battles by outhinking/being more cunning than my opponents than being able to press a button faster than he can or before he does.. so Id prefer "slow turn based mmo" combat over monster hunter/guild wars 2 style anyday... even though i can do fine in either scenario.. theres just MORE than enough games out there already that rel y on reflxes as it is.. give us a few games for those of us who wanna use our brains too lol.
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