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One thing I wont like about the story...Follow

#1 Nov 17 2012 at 1:08 PM Rating: Default
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based on what I read in the "Interview with the producer" found on the main page on this site:

"Crucially, all this is unlikely to be presented through a barrage of cutscenes. “The story is going to be quest driven. We want to have it so that players can come in at level one and see a town that’s filled with people, with exclamation marks over their heads and willing to offer lots of quests.”

that just sounds boring to me and that statement alone makes FFXI the better game in my eyes... all those mmos whos "stories" are quest driven no one really notices or pays attention too... they just load the qquest... look at the requirements to complete it and do it.. they dont bother (myself included) to read the text before it..

and when/if i do within a week Ive forgotten about it because that make sit so backburner/disposable to me... getting to see the characters in the cut-scenes (even if its non spoken dialogue) reading the text and watching the actual action take place on the screen sticks with you a lot longer

For example in FFXI seeing Lion die and how she does it stuck with me.. having the presence all around before her death made me actually CARE when she did die... now lets say all that is removed and then after s battle takes place... nothing happens.... then the next game day or story quest you take reads like this:

you walk up to an NPC and talk to him to start the quest:

"After the fierce battle again (boss person" Lion sacrificed herself to save the team."

kill 5 golems

3 courels

2 crabs

quest reward = 500gil

really.. does that convey any emotion or make you give a crap that Lion died? lol

So yeah I would most preferably prefer the "barrage of cutscenes" approach (so itll have yet another thing different than other MMOs) I mean FFXI used cutscenes and could you really call IT a barrage of cutscenes? especially compared to how often CSs are used in offline FF games... i dont think the one sin FFXI could hardly be consider a "barrage" by comparison.. so hopefully they keep the story presentation similar to what it was in FFXI

Also the comment made about "some games" where you only get to see a bit of the story then have to level up a lot to see what happens next by that time youve "forgotten" the older stuff... umm it doesnt take years or months to level... that being said twilight breaking down part 1 came out in 2011... breaking down part 2 came out a few days ago.. a full year later.... how many ppl who went to see breaking dawn 2 forgot what happened in the movie before it?

what about the lord of the rings trilogy movies or star was movies (which were 2 years in between each sequel) did anyone forgot what went on in episode 1 that they werent prepared for episode 2? I sure as heck didnt so Im not gonna forget after having to level for a few days or weeks to continue the story so that whole "people forget" comment is BS in my opinion

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