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My idea for SamuraiFollow

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Samurai was my favorite class in FF11 and a main reason as to why I kept playing. It's also a big contributing factor to why I am returning to FF14 ARR.

I really enjoyed playing Samurai however I don't think its role is going to be the same as it was in 11, as the skillchain master. I mostly think this because invigorate is now a Lancer ability and a meditate was a fundamental part of the Samurai in 11.

So I started brain-storming on what I think would make Samurai a fun and interesting contributor to the party dynamic. I'm assuming that ARR will go the route of making Samurai in to a DD and my personal hope is to make Samurai in to a critical damage based attacker. However, as I gave it more thought I started thinking about Samurai's role in Tactics. For those unfamiliar, Samurai's ability was to draw the soul out of his/her sword and use it against opponents. This was mostly status/elemental based attacks however one ran the risk of breaking their katana for each attack used.

Now obviously it would be impractical to apply this to an MMO. Having specific elemental and status based katanas would burden the inventory and limit the choice of which katana did what and which to equip.

That said, I really like the idea of having a "soul" for the katana. So I thought about this:

What if for every katana you get and based on the rarity of the katana you get "soul slots." For instance a "white" common katana would have one slot, a "green" rarer katana would have two and a "purple" super rare katana would have three slots.

Now, each and every mob is applied a "soul weight" with the minimal weight being 1.0. So even the lowly rabbit outside the starting cities has a 1.0 soul weight.

For every "soul slot" you can assign a bonus that will grow with the more souls you collect. So for started you could have Crit % bonus, or a damage bonus or a status/elemental attack or a DEX bonus or really any type of bonus that would be beneficial to a Samurai's place in the party.

So for the bonus to be fully realized you would need to collect souls to the maximum, so for the sake of example let's put the required soul amount at 100. So you would theoretically need to kill 100 rabbits with a single katana to collect 100 souls and get the maximum Crit % bonus.

Now here is where "soul weight" comes in to play. So if you kill 100 rabbits at 1.0 "soul weight" per kill you get say, a 1% critical damage bonus. However, the heavier the souls you kill the more the damage bonus increases. So for instance, if you assigned the primal Ifrit a soul weight of 5, you need to defeat Ifrit twenty times. This way, your katana's "soul capacity" would be made of strongly weighted souls and the bonus would increase to 4% or some thing close to that.

The only other thought I had in regards to this is to make things a bit more difficult, I would recommend either increasing the "soul capacity" beyond 100 or make it dependent on the katana itself and/or make it so that the Samurai him/herself must deliver the killing blow to get the full soul weight. If the Samurai fails to do so then they get half the souls weight. Thus turning 20 Ifrit kills in to 40 if the Samurai never lands the killing blow.

What do you guys think?

All in all, this might be a terrible idea but it was fun kicking it around in my head while impatiently awaiting ARR's release!

Thanks for reading, if you did.
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