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How much time do you guys give to ffxiv?

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Ostia wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Ostia wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Ostia wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Hyrist wrote:
have you PLAYED an F2P micro transaction game? Sure if FFXIV went that route it would live, the question is would it be fun to PLAY? the answer.. no...

Both League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 disprove this ascertion with a heavy hand.

The latter is an uprising and popular single purchase MMO.

The former is a Free to play game that is the most played game in history, including WoW. It's also the largest Esport in the business now.

So no, that inpenetrable barrier of "If it's free, it must suck." has already been shattered into pieces. And you're going to see more of it happening. Games that are sold in eppisodes or games that have an upfront cost followed by smaller expansions to purchase. Or even games that are build from the ground up to support microtransactions.

Yes, there is plenty of crap games out on the market with the free to play model. But take a look at any retail library and you realize that issue is utterly irrelevant to the quality of a game produced in the long haul.

It's find that you're concerned about it, but don't try to justify it by drawing bad parrelels. Just be concerned.

Honestly, simple microtransactions isn't the only alternative pay method to a subscription. But subscription models are falling by the wayside, and it is a larger barrier for entry for many potential players who don't want to play upwards of $120 a month for a game. Nobody is going to replicate WoW's success through that method, and remaining stable in that enviroment is also a question.

Granted, I'll pay up, but I question the long term payout of it. We'll see.

Thayos wrote:
I think it really has the potential to be something of a middle ground between the Everquest/FFXI model of gaming and Guild Wars 2, which is so casual that nobody even talks to each other.

Not so much an issue with how casual it is as much as the action-orientation of the game. If you don't find a guild and get into voice programs, you're going to see that problem in Guild Wars 2.

It's a fair bet that you're going to see that issue in FFXIV: ARR as well if they pacing of combat is as fast as they indicate.

Edited, Nov 12th 2012 5:58pm by Hyrist

well I really dont count gild wars as the game has no monthly fee but i still have to buy it so its not completely free but even if it isnt bad you still dint answer my question regarding last appeal... Ive been told people are getting bored with it already.. and its been out how long? So sounds to me that its still lacks to quality that a subscription game like FFXI offers that would keep someone playing for years and still wanting more

Also how is Guild wars in the story department? thats game is also mainly grind and PVP.. Im sure FFXI is still far more diverse even if it is better than all the other F2P garbage out there it still cant hold a candle to the P2P stuff, so until someone makes a F2P game thast better than the P2P ones Ill still prefer subscriptions over free

Not to be a douche but GW2 >>>> FFXIV in every department excluding graphics.... Also FFXIV Story is garbage :) And FFXI story was not even that great, it was incredibly presented, but it was a very simple story, nothing out of this world (Not to say it is not one of the best MMO Story's out there, just saying when compared to most AAA RPG'S it does not holds up)

Also GW2 is doing fine :)

FFXI story nothing great? tell alll the other MMOs that. As for it not holding a candle to AAA RPGs story, umm CoP would beg to differ. Its story was just as good if not better than most single player JRPGs out there..

So SE proved they could make a good story in an MMO. Im HOPING they do it again in FFXIV

COP Cannot hold a candle to Xenogears Smiley: laugh , or vagrant story, or FFT, or VI(The basis for XIV) or Chrono trigger or Cross. And that's just Square ******* Smiley: laugh

Can it hold a candle to Suikoden ? To Tales of destiny or Symphonia ? What about Lufia II ? Tsk Tsk!

FFXI COP is a rip off EQ story line, simple as that. It is presented 1000% better, and that is why the story stands on it's own two legs, but to say that it is more than what it really was, is blasphemous.

Umm CoP better than Xenogears, FFT, FFVI, FFVII, Tales of Dstiny and Symphonia and Lufia 2.. nope

but better than every other game you named (yes that includes Suikoden) indeed it is

Chrono Triggers lack of character development to me makes it not that great, and chrono Cross is worse than Trigger soooo. Now CoP is definitely not better than Suikoden 2... but 1? definitely

and its story is also better than every main FF game except VI and VII so yeah... by the way FFXIV based on VI? What relation does FFXIV have to VI?

Suikoden II was the game i meant when i said Suikoden (To me the other ones while fun, dont hold a candle to II) and no character development in chrono trigger ? Are you Insane ? Wait wait... Do not tell me you are one of those new gamers, that if something is not in CG scene is not considered real story presentation etc etc.

And please do not mention VII in the same line as VI, it is blasphemous to put a masterpiece like VI on the same page as VII, especially when talking about story.

yeah it makes sense that im "one of those people" when some of the games you listed that i named as good werent cutscene heavy at all.

as for chrono trigger lack of character development:

A character arc is the status of the character as it unfolds throughout the story, the storyline or series of episodes. Characters begin the story with a certain viewpoint and, through events in the story, that viewpoint changes. A character arc generally only affects the main character in a story, though other characters can go through similar changes.

that sounds the complete opposite of the characters in chrono trigger... we knew no more about crono when the credits rolled than we did when he first wakes up in his room, the game was 100% story/plot focused... you never learned what drove the characters (in chronos case), their reasons for joining or sticking around, how the felt about the situation they were in (or forced to be in), how the felt or changed after things ended, they were ll one dimensional and didnt feel "real" at all...

minor spoilers

Suikoden 2 on the other hand is a wonderful example of character development (at least in Jowy's case) there were plenty of times when i questioned his action or motivated... he kept me guessing, and the character were "real" enough that i cared about them as much as i did about saving the world/ending the conflict.. in the case with CT i only cared about the plot/world being saved because the characters themselves did nothing to make the player feel for them

I knew when Jowy and the hero in Suikoden II separated at the beginning that they were gonan end up on opposing sides.. that was obvious... then things happened i didnt expect.. like when Lucca died and it was Jowys fault.. i made me think "so all this time he was just pretending to be an enemy so he could kill/get lucca killed then everything would be fine.. wow that was smart I never saw that coming" only to find out i was wrong and Jowy remained an enemy even after that.

As for FFVII being bad.. at least id had character development.. Aeris for example.. if she was just a flower girl that was a mage in your party.. and had no speaking lines or we learned nothing about her past or the fact that she was obviously a love interest for Cloud.. do you think ANYONE woulda cared once Sephiroth killed her? Of course not... but since she was actually fleshed out beforehand and made to feel "real" a lot of ppl were effected by her death
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