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I know that this topic is probably a little touchy, seeing as there's no confirmation as of yet that there will even be specific jobs, but I'd like to hope that in some form SE will include jobs, and hopefully a large variety of them! Personally I'd like to see SE take FF back to its roots while also infusing some FFT jobs and maintaining most of the jobs from FFXI.

Here's what I would ideally like the available jobs to be, along with a short blurb on what each would do. My assumptions are that there's still a job system, there are still parties that encourage specific roles like tank and healer, and that in this new system all jobs will be balanced against other jobs in their "slot" to be equally effective overall because of their situational uses.

This topic needs a purpose, now doesn't it? Hopefully my list gives you all some ideas of your own. I don't know how you all feel, but what sort of job system are you hoping for? Dyou want just 6-10 main classes that allow branching skills? Are you in the mood for a fluid class system based off FFTA's weapon-based skill-learning system? Why exactly do you want that?


Bard – Buff party in many ways with powerful songs, debuff enemies
Beastmaster – Tame monsters, learn new pet abilities, & fight alongside them w/ axes
Black Mage – Nukes enemy w/ powerful black & elemental magic
Blue Mage – Learn spells & abilities of enemies + sword melee w/ physical magic
Cannoneer – Deal heavy damage & boost stats @ long range, rest between shots
Chemist – Use items to heal party, return MP to party, & buff party by constantly mixing items
Dancer – Support party using TP for beneficial dances that heal, debuff monster, etc
Dark Knight – Deal huge melee damage with scythes at cost of health, use dark magic & absorb stats
Dragoon – Fight alongside Wyvern using polearms, Jump for spike damage & hate shedding
Gadgeteer – Support party w/ clockwork abilities to mitigate party damage, tools to debuff & damage enemies, throwing weapons to satisfy need for constant TP to use abilities
Geomancer – Control the elements to direct party hate & buff skillchain strength, wield poles
Gunner – Use Guns to DD while buffing party combat & improving debuff effects
Monk – Powerful melee DD using Hand-to-hand, counters, damage over time
Mystic Knight – Tank using MP to absorb damage, high magic defense, great swords
Ninja – Uses ninjutsu & throw to ranged DD along with dual-wielded katanas, utsusemi
Oracle – Use ancient magic to deal heavy spike damage, specialist @ magic bursts
Paladin – Tank through curing self, huge defense, & shields
Ranger – Uses bows & crossbows, lay traps & increase accuracy
Red Mage – Front line mage, master of enfeebling
Samurai – Melee DD with highest TP gain through store TP
Scholar – See & control enemy weaknesses, healing & nuking abilities using effects over time
Summoner – Summon different spirits to fight for you, powerful DD, costs MP over time
Thief – Spike DD who can steal enemy statuses & items, uses sneak attacks
Time Mage – Powerful debuffs on mobs & buff party at cost of versatility, uses time magic
Viking – Massive damage with primitive ways to mitigate damage taken, hard to kill, great axes
Warrior – Uses swords & physical abilities to DD, has many useful traits & self buffs
White Mage – Uses curing magic to heal party & remove status effects


[ I have detailed ideas on the jobs, actually, if anyone wants to know what I mean. ]

Thanks for the read!


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